Bits and Bobs #8

If any of you do your grocerie shopping at ASDA and you can't stop yourself from waltzing through the beauty aisle like intend to do, you may have noticed that herbal essences have introduced a new range of products. They are the Nearly Naked range and are supposedly free of harmful chemicals such as parabens or colourants. These were launchec in the US over a year ago but have made their way to the UK. Only the conditioners are CG freindly and to be perfectly honest the formulas are pretty much the same as the other Herbal Essences conditioners, the only difference is that they smell more minty because of mint/peppermint extracts. I have to warn though that if any of you plan on buying these be weary of the moisture condtitioner (middle, in purple) because it has a stong minty scent and guenuinley smells of men's aftershave (although if your buying this for a dude then I'm sure they'd appreciated it). The shine conditioner has a mild minty scent and the volume condti…

Macadamia oil infused comb

I beleive i first saw this comb in boots and when I saw that it was oil infused i initially thought 'WTF!!!'
In my mind I imagined all the ways you could infuse a comb with oil.......
Are there little holes where the oil comes out????
Is it solidified at the tip and comes off there????
What happens when the oil runs out??? Is it refillable??? It doesnt look it????
I was very intrigued to say the least but as soon as i saw the high pricetag I was no longer interested. The comb was officially out of my thoughts for good........ 
Until my little sister stole one of my detangling combs!!!!! (it was actually the family's comb but i claimed it as mine)
I was in no rush to replace it as i had a spare in my travel bag but i like to keep my travel items separate from my home stuff so I had to get a new one eventually.
I ended up buying this comb because i was ordering a new face cream and needed a total of £15 to get free delivery. This comb was available at a much cheaper price t…

Kiss my face cleansing mask

I've struggled with blackheads ever since I was in secondary school, they weren't obvious at first but gradually I noticed these gaping pores in my nose. Only one mask has proven to be effective against my blackheads and I was hoping that this one would also give similar results but i was sadly dissapointed. I've only used it a few times but in terms if immediate results it totally obliterates spots so if you're suffering from acne you should definitely give this mask a go :).
Even my sister has used it but she only applies it to the areas covered in spots and by the next day they have reduced in size and redness dramatically!!
It will cost you a pretty penny but if you're not sharing it with any pesky little sisters it should last you a long while with 1-2 weekly uses. I should also warn you that for the first couple of times that you apply the mask it really stings!!!! But after a few uses your skin no longer feels like it's on fire. As it dries it changes t…

Tips On Hair Loss

So me and a very good friend (you know who you are lol) recently had a deep discussion about hair loss, in particular Hair thinning which occurs all over the head as opposed to the patterned baldness that occurs in men. However any guys who do happen to read this will still benefit from some of the tips I have to offer.
I am not a professional dermatologist but the information that I have gathered into this blog has been sourced mostly from scientific journals, scientific news pages and a little from personal experience/curly-girl hair obsessing :)

This post has turned out to be very long so I'm going to split it up into sections with headings:
Section 1..........Why is hair so important?
Section 2..........Hair growth and Loss
Section 3..........Causes of Hair loss
Section 4..........Tips on Dealing with Hair Loss

Why is hair so important?

Most of us girlies want to grow long luscious locks and sometimes we go to through a lot of trouble to look after our hair. But wh…

My long list of hair products

Each  product mentioned will have a click-able link to either a shop/online store where the product is available or linked to one of my blog posts with more info on the product including where to buy it from.
This list Is Incomplete as I have a dozens of more products (mostly conditioners) to try out in the future. Of course I will update every now and then to add any new products to the list.
Note: links to blog posts may have other hair products but ignore those because only the products mentioned in this list are products I have deemed safe with regards to harmful/toxic ingredients. Not all of these products are 100% natural but any synthetic ingredients found are, to my knowledge, safe to use or as safe as you can get compared to alternative ingredients (i.e preservatives such as parabens yuk).
Shampoos Timotei Health and shine Green Tea shampoo Derma Organic Argan oil Shampoo Naked Brunette Radiance shampoo Naked Renew strengthening shampoo (this one is the most gentle)
Deep Condition…

Hot Belgian Chocolate but No Hot Belgian Blokes -_-

In a post that I wrote almost a year ago I mentioned my love for Hot chocolate. I also mentioned that I may post my thoughts on all the brands and flavours I have tried. I never thought I would actually do this but here I am with several sachets of options hot chocolate that I was drawn to whilst grocery shopping.

I have already shared my love for the original chocolate flavour which is already rich but the picture above shows the chocolate indulgence version which Is even richer and absolutely divine to drink. The packaging has also changed since the last time I bought this tub. The last time there was an elaborate golden pattern which looked very pretty against the dark chocolate brown background. Now there is a lot more gold and whilst it's not as pretty it's more eye-catching and as a magpie with an eye for shiny things this makes it easier for me to spot my favourite hot chocolate :)

These are the sachets that I bought but I am missing a few flavours from the indulgence …

My Easter Holidays

Yay!! I've Finally gotten around to writing this post, even though it's been almost a week since Easter finished I'd like to share with you all the treats that were involved in my Easter....

The first treats involved were these carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I was super excited to make these as I didn't think I would be brave enough to do them until next year. They were easier to make than I expected but the only thing that would put me off making them regularly is grating the carrot. Let me tell you, grating 300g of carrot is no joke and takes forever but it's all worth it when your cake mix actually smells like carrot cake.

 I added cinnamon but no mixed spice as I wasn't exactly sure what it was or were to find it in the Supermarket. The cupcakes definitely needed that extra kick and I probably should have added nutmeg but the cream cheese frosting was so tasty I don't think anyone really noticed.

I've been meaning to show how I pi…