28 Dec 2013

What I got for Christmas :)

So here is an exceptionally long post of all the presents I got for Christmas

I've never heard of paul smith before but I certainly like the perfume I received for christmas. I generally prefer sweet scents so I was apprehensive about opening this box. I was however pleasantly surprised to find that it as  a sweet floral scent which will be perfect for when spring comes around.

I also like the obscure shape of the bottle. The minimalistic style makes it look a bit futuristic. :)

Well someone had to give me ferrero rochers!!! It's never Christmas if a box of these aren't around somewhere.

This is my favourite form of confectionery that I received from one of my great aunts. I love love love shortbreads and I am trying to refrain from scoffing the whole box before the rest of my family has some.

An assortment of chocolate biscuits, given by my other great aunt, which are very thickly coated in chocolate. I have taken the great responsibility of opening most of treats in the house and I've even got a food baby to show for it.

A cute glittery scrunchy with a wired bow attached given to me so kindly by my mum (most likely from claires accessories)

This is my one way ticket to becoming a round hippo. It's a chocolate melting thingamajig that will keep your chocolate melted without the use of oil needed for a chocolate fountain. I love it because it's so simple, easy to use and easy to clean.


I was given this present by my older sister and it brings back memories of when we melted chocolate in the microwave to dip strawberries in. This gadget makes everything much easier and I can see myself doing quite a bit of DIY stuff with it.

As you can see me and my sisters have been having lots of fun dipping bananas and shortbreads in there and we even made some chocolate hearts using cupcake holders. Pop them in in the fridge and voilĂ , you have solid chocolate hearts.

After all of that chocolate some calorie burning needs to be done and thanks to my dad I now have the wii fit plus. It's the same as the wii fit but with lots of extra. The wii fit by itself has helped me lose weight in the past but it can get a little boring. 

The wii fit plus has 15 new games and about 6 more yoga and muscle workouts. You can make your own custom made work out or use the ready made ones to target certain areas or features of the body. There are also 4 more balance tests and the wii fit plus calculates how many calories you've burned.

I was also amused to find that the little wii balance board on the screen was sporting a festive Santa hat on Christmas day along with some confetti.

I am definitely one of those people that always needs a new pair of headphones. I was under the illusion that my last pair of headphones were broken however it was actually the headphones jack in my iPod that was slowly breaking apart thus affecting the sound quality. I could have figured this out sooner when I discovered that my headphones worked perfectly fine in my laptop. This means that my Mom has unnecessarily bought me a new pair, but no matter, I have passed on my old pair to my sister who greatly appreciated them. 

These are a very good quality pair of earphones, even better than my last pair, I have to hear that bass line (ya no). Not to mention they are in my favourite colour and come with a nifty little case :)

This may receive a few raised eyebrows, but I have no shame in receiving The Little Mermaid box set for Christmas. The little mermaid has always been my favourite Disney princess and has always held a special place in my heart since I was three years old. I have never wanted anything more than to be a princess or a mermaid, or maybe even both!! I can't even begin to tell you how obsessed I have always been with mermaids in general!!! And thanks to my Dad who gave me this collection I can relive the magic in high quality whenever I Like. <3 xxx

A cool and groovy make up bag with a pair of tweezers, eye lash curlers and cute little pocket mirror. And all In my favourite colours; purple, pink and blue. :)

Don't let your eyes be deceived!! This may look like a bottle of alcoholic beverage zipped up in a fancy sequin jacket, but it's actually a very large bottle of Baylis and Harding body wash with the scent of sweet mandarin and grapefruit (with vitamin B and apparently...oooohh fancy!!!). I think Lady GaGa would be proud of that Jacket!!!

Since I haven't, and won't ever grow out of my little-mermaid-princess obsession my Mom saw fit to get me two fairytale themed Pandora charms.....

And what could be more fairytale than a Princess Castle or a fairy??!!

The front and back of the castle look a bit different, you can see flags and an archway on the front but the back of the castle has a pair of double doors. I absolutely love these charms, not just because they look cute but because they represent something (the child part of me that still wants to be a princess!!).

And last, but certainly not least, are some lush treats that I was spoilt with this Christmas.

These were given by my granddad who I suspect had some help from one of my sisters as there is now way he would have even walked in Lush store by himself let. In fact I'm not sure he even knew they existed!! 

The pink and yellow polka dot box on the left is my sister's present an the yellow and black box on the right is mine.

Here is a snapshot of what my sister got, two bath melts on the left and two bath bombs on the right. Top right is the space girl bath ballistic and bottom right is the think pink bath bomb. I'm very jealous of my sis because I have been meaning to try the think pink bath bomb for a while but want to wait until spring. I am however very happy with my box of treats and couldn't have had a better one.

The wrapping paper and bow are just so cute with the little bumble bees buzzing all over the box. I really didn't want to part with the wrapping paper and contemplated on keeping it along with the bow!


I have already reviewed the honey bee bath ballistic and the butterball in a post a while ago which you can  click here to see. I have also tried the shower gel and it does indeed smell of honey, it's also quite smooth and creamy, and despite containing a sulphate it isn't all too drying. I have to warn though, there is also a paraben i=on the ingredients list but as a one off treat I absolutely love using this shower gel!!

I am yet to try the Honey I washed the kids soap, or the massage bar but they smell lovely so I will definitely be reviewing them soon. Does any one else think that the honey soap looks like a block of cheese???


My Mom also gave me the Angel Delight soap and the Snow Man bath ballistic. the Angel delight soap smells so sweet and heavenly. Again I am yet to review these but I can't wait to try them so it won't be long 'til they appear here on my blog.

And that's everything!!!

God that was a long one!!! So many photos it took me hours to take all of them!! I will definitely be smelling delicious for the new year :)

Hope you enjoyed reading and I hope you had a lovely christmas too!!! <3


8 Dec 2013

Bits and bobs #2

Surely reusing a post title isn't a crime, its only a matter of time before I run out of ideas right???

Any who, say hello to my favourite face scrub, and yes it looks very similar to the body scrub I blogged about a while ago, in fact I'm pretty sure they are sisters born from the same brand with a similar price. The only difference is that the granules in this scrub are much finer so they are gentle enough to be used on the face. The smell is also very lovely and makes me feel like I'm waking up to summer, not the dreary, bitter, winter weather here in the UK. Of course I bought this from beautynaturals.com

This face gel is from the brand Napiers, It contains lots of lovely things like lavender and chamomile and is supposed to help with irritations, headaches, tension etc etc. I bought this because it seemed like the only spot treatment that was natural and alcohol free. I was hoping this would do something about the pimples popping up on my face and but luckily for me I haven't had that many to try it out on and I simply cannot be bothered to implement it in to my night time routine. From the few times that I have used it I can't say that it makes any dramatic difference to my spots but after committing the sin of squeezing them it does seem to calm them down. Also the lavender scent makes it quite pleasant to use. Once again I bought this from beautynaturals.com for around £6

Oh yeah!!! look whose saving the world environment with their green living powers!!!

After discovering my long-lost and pathetic, leaky, plastic flask was way too dirty and smelly to be used I decided to get myself a new one.....

I found this little treasure in T.K Maxx. It has a very secure lid that clips into place so it definitely doesn't leak. And the bottom has a rubbery base that acts as an attached coaster. This flask (or tumbler, as it says on the tag) is by a brand called Aladdin and cost £5.99. I absolutely love it because it's small, portable and doesn't leak in my bag XD. And I also don't have to waste money, or paper, feeding my hot-chocolate addiction through Greggs or Costa :)

So that's it, just a few things that I bought recently,

Hope you enjoyed reading!!!!

19 Nov 2013

I LoveThe LOC Method and My New Face Cream

Apparently I've lost my knack for rambling and nattering so hopefully this post will be short and sweet......

.......or not :)

This is the Cloud Nine Day cream by a brand called Mother Earth.

I bought this off beauty naturals for £12.95 which, when I think about it, is very pricey for such a small jar. However it is 100% natural and one of the most natural products I've ever used. There is also a matching night cream however the ingredients are practically the same so I didn't see the point in bothering. The same goes for the raindrops and roses cream from this brand which I am yet to try. This face cream contains orange blossom extract however the orange scent isn't very strong. My sister and mother both think it smells like butter and it does actually look and feel like butter. My mom even had a go at tasting it which I DO NOT recommend!! Here are the ingredients:

shea butter, almond oil (prunus dulcis), carrot oil (daucus carota), elderflowers (sambucus nigra), yarrow (achillea millefolia), neroli (citrus aurantium) & tangerine (citrus reticulata) essential oils, borax, grapefruit seed extract, zinc oxide. Hand made in the Lake District from the highest quality natural ingredients

I could tell by the ingredients and the buttery feel of the cream that it would feel oily and most people say not to use oily moisturisers on oily skin but this has worked wonderfully for me. I do however like to blot with oil blotting sheets before applying my BB cream in the morning but having this cream underneath does not make my skin look any more or less greasy than usual throughout the day.

It even has natural sunscreen which amazing since it's so difficult to get sun protection without risky synthetic ingredients. It claims to make the skin look more radiant and it honestly does. If I skip a night without applying this to my face I can see the consequences when I wake up in the morning; visible pores and dull, dry, tired looking skin. This cream is thick and rich and it just feels so pampering to smooth it onto my skin. I'm surprised that something so thick and rich can be suitable for day and night-time use. This is by far my favorite moisturiser at the moment. 

Found this gem in home bargains at the same time I found the Gum Hair double cream conditioner.
I think it's £2.99 but I can't really remember. This conditioner is the Gum Hair super-rich conditioner with Moroccan Argan Oil. This conditioner is so DARN GOOD THICK and moisturising and I really wasn't expecting it to be so good. I'm glad there was a pump dispenser otherwise I would ave tried to apply too much at once. The pump only lets out a small bit of conditioner at a time and I use a maximum of 3 separate sets of 4 pumps to cover my hair. Considiering my hair is very thick 12 pumps isn't much. 

Just to put into context how thick this is, I tried to co-wash with this and getting this stuff to my scalp was impossible but after only being in my hair for a minute when i rinsed it out my hair was like silk. I actually think this conditioner might be a bit too moisturising as my hair has started to become overly stretchy when saturated with water. I may have to do a protein treatment soon if this carries on :D

If you ever try any of the gum hair products it's easy to see how they are salon quality and why they are so pricey, but knowing that I can get them for a fraction of retail price is just fantastic XD

Yup that's olive oil you're seeing, not special olive oil, just regular olive oil from my local co-operative. I don't know why I was so reluctant to use this on my hair. It was probably because of my fear of putting anything food related on my head unless it's come from the cosmetic aisle. I was running out of options with argan oil being so expensive and other commonly used oils difficult to come by, so this bottle came home with one day in a co-operative shopping bag ready to be tested. 

I have re-used the glass pump bottle that was originally storing my argan oil. There was no way I could use the olive oil straight from its big plastic bottle because knowing me it would go everywhere. This little glass bottle with the pump was much more convenient :)

Oil wise it does the job. It locks in moisture and helps maintain my curls. It does have that well known fruity smell but once its in my hair it doesn't leave any kind of horrid scent that I have experienced in the past with other oils. I have to say that the olive oil doesn't lock in moisture for as long as the argan oil does but it's cheaper and more convenient to buy. Over all I'm happy to use this as my regular oil and don't have any problems with it :)

Hope you enjoyed reading.