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Summary Of Winter Holidays


I think I had a pretty good Christmas overall the day itself wasn't very good (probably because I was working :(...) But I definitely enjoyed the buying and wrapping part of it all. I spent weeks searching for everyone's presents and I kind of went all out on the wrapping :) bows and everything.

As we were shopping for my mom's xmas present I stumbled across this spiky bra in tk maxx. It was very Lady Gaga and had it been less than £20 I probably would have bought it.

I Also did The secret Santa at work which was quite exciting. I got this little jewellery box which now holds various spare buttons and other bits and bob's. However it did make me feel bad since the present I bout was a lame pink shower-cap in the shape of cupcake. Luckily for me the person receiving it loved baking so it turned out well after all :D

Birthday Parties 

 So far I've been to a lot of birthday parties in January. The first one being My cousin's 21st Masquerade Ball. I got this M…

Hi: First Post :)

Okay...... so I guess this is the part where I introduce myself to anyone reading this and explain what I'm going to do on this blog

Well First of all hi to anyone that stumbled on over here.....probably by accident :) hope you find something interesting/useful on here :)

The reason I'm Here I guess is mostly to just keep track of what I'm doing and put it out there for anyone to see.....Kinda like a diary.

I really have no idea what I'm doing... even consider myself to be a bit of a technophobe, 
(deleted so many accounts after getting frustrated with them)

but as you can see I like to keep track of my books on goodreads so why not keep a track of everything else...

I'm currently on a bit of hair journey (if you don't know what that is look it up), so I'll probably be posting product reviews and all my other hair shenannigans lol :)

Site is still under maintenance so soz if its bare atm..... still have plenty of work to do (I'm a bit of a perfectionist so thi…