Summary Of Winter Holidays


I think I had a pretty good Christmas overall the day itself wasn't very good  (probably because I was working :(...) But I definitely enjoyed the buying and wrapping part of it all. I spent weeks searching for everyone's presents and I kind of went all out on the wrapping :) bows and everything.

As we were shopping for my mom's xmas present I stumbled across this spiky bra in tk maxx. It was very Lady Gaga and had it been less than £20 I probably would have bought it.

I Also did The secret Santa at work which was quite exciting. I got this little jewellery box which now holds various spare buttons and other bits and bob's. However it did make me feel bad since the present I bout was a lame pink shower-cap in the shape of cupcake. Luckily for me the person receiving it loved baking so it turned out well after all :D

Birthday Parties 

 So far I've been to a lot of birthday parties in January. The first one being My cousin's 21st Masquerade Ball. I got this Mask from eBay for a price I don't really want to admit but it definitely received plenty of complements :)

 The Party was great but the best thing there for me was the sweetie buffet filled with all you're typical confectionery; lollipops, fizzy strips, haribos,.....  there was also a chocolate fountain and cupcake mountain. I made sure to have at least one of everything and I guess it's safe to say my new years resolution of eating healthily was murdered that night.

Next was my mom's birthday and I attempted to make her a birthday cake that she didn't want in the first place. I was meant to make a criss cross pattern using  melting white chocolate but that plan failed so I swirled the blobs around and decided to call it contemporary art. I also bought her a box of Millie's Cookies which I did years ago and she didn't like it... and it just so happens she didn't want them this year either...... I should probably be sacked as a daughter after doing such a poor job... I even used a cake mix from a box and I still managed to do something wrong. I guess next time I'll ask her what she wants and not leave it till the last minute.

Shortly after my mom's birthday was my dad's and my youngest sister who turned 5. Apart from looking alike, the biggest thing that me and my sister have in common is our love for Disney princesses. Absolutely everything I bought her (baking set, little miss princess bubble-bath and present bag) was princess oriented and I'm not quite sure whether I was shopping for her or myself :D. This card I made her was from poundland and was really fun to make, it all sticks on so there was no glue involved and no mess. I used everything in the pack which also came with a pink felt tip to write with. If this came as a multi-pack I think it would have passed as a good gift by itself :)

The Snow!!!!
So all throughout December I was under the impression that global warming had finally got to us and we would no longer have a winter. Boy was I wrong.... 
 It was everywhere and It just wouldn't stop. My sisters were sent home from school and the bus services stopped running. I saw plenty of people have trouble getting on and off their drives and there was a lot of skidding involved. But when you combine a day off school and lots of snow the result is a full day of sledging!!! :) so far I've managed to hurt my ankle and my hip but it was worth it since I leaned how to snow surf on my sledge :) maybe if I get a snow board for Xmas 2013 I can learn to snowboard too

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