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VO5 Give me sandpaper and Gloss me dry

I guess the weird bottle shape is what lured me towards these in the first place. Or maybe it was a review. I remember years ago I believe I used a VO5 conditioner or another range of conditioner called luminous shine. And my hair was soooo shiny after straightening I could not believe it. So when I saw these I thought maybe I could relive that experience. I have to say, both conditioners felt slippery and ineffective like the Tressemme conditioners. Not only that but both shampoos completely stripped my hair and made my curls difficult to style and manage, not to mention they were dry as hell because the conditioners didn't do anything in the way of moisturising (despite the promise to "give me moisture") The Gloss me smoothly however did do what it said it would and added shine. I originally planned to flat-iron my hair after blow-drying but I got lazy and decided to do a blow-out which I do not recommend. I think blow drying straight does not work unless you have the r…

Castor oil, Coconut oil, and Honey cocktail

Left coconut oil £8.99, Right castor oil £10.99
You may be guessing from the title that this is a very strange combination and you're right because these three are products that should never be mixed together... NEVER
EVER!!!!!! (as said by Miss Taylor Swift herself)
But I guess I should first explain why.....
I was on the hunt for a home-made deep conditioner or pre-shampoo treatment and came across these oils on Amazon they're by a seller called Naissance who by the looks of it sells almost every oil you could ever think of.
link here...
I already knew that coconut oil and castor oil where good for my hair as I had previously tried the Hollywood beauty castor oil treatment and had read the the benefits of coconut oil online.  So I dove into the deep end and bought a whole Litre of each oil which both came in a liquid refined/fractionated form. So my verdict....
The coconut …

Aphogee: Keratin 2 minute reconstructor

I have to say that this is some good stuff here and well worth the money. Apogee has a whole line of products which I'm sure work really well too but I didn't have ban funds to also splurge on those. The keratin re-constructor here is a protein treatment. It replaces the keratin and amino acids lost from the hair shaft and since these form the skeleton of a hair strand these kind of protein treatments can have drastic results. 
Here's a link on how to use the product 
But my basic steps were: Shampoo and rinse as usualApply Aphogee treatment in sections and comb through to distribute evenlyDiffuse with hair-dryer until hair goes hard/stiff (DO NOT COMB, HAIR WILL BREAK OFF!!!)Gently tip hair over and rinse product out           (you will know it's rinsed out because the hair will be softer)AGAIN DO NOT COMB/DETANGLE UNTIL ALL PRODUCT IS OUT !!!Condition IMMEDIATELY!!!Style/whatever you usually do after washingFinished :)It …

Hawaiian Silky Herbal Leave In Conditioner

Hawaiian silky herbal leave in conditioner £6.99 (however I bought a smaller bottle 355ml for £299)
At some point I decided I needed a leave in conditioner and found this through browsing on naturally curly
Here's the link:
There's plenty of other products and curly advice on there and I pretty much look on there everyday. 
But back to this product, I don't rely know what to make of it, I either wasn't applying it properly or the product itself just didn't work for me. I had tried Aussie leave in conditioner before when it was on offer and absolutely loved it but it's normally quite pricey so I started looking for a cheaper alternative. After washing and conditioning I would apply this to my hair whilst it was still wet/damp. I would hang it upside down and lather it on and rake it through my hair just like a normal conditioner. This was probably my mista…

Hollywood beauty: Castor oil and Marula OIl

Castor oil: £1.99 I found this through surfing on youtube and watched lots of videos about how this stuff makes your hair grow faster. Now, as instructed buy these youtubers  I would rub this stuff into my scalp once a week after washing. But the problem here was that my hair would start to smell a bit funky after a few days due to product build up. I soon gave up on this and let the tub sit on my dresser for a while until I was having a bad day with a few frizzy pieces and had no idea how to hold them down. It's in these emergency hair situations that I start getting experimental and come up with some great ideas. I decided to wet my hair to get it to curl and put some of this oil in to hold the curls in place. Not only did this product hold my curls and reduce frizz but it also helped to define them. I must warn that this product does not have an oily consistency, it's more like a thick waxy paste so it's easy to target small sections of hair. I then began using this on m…

Kiddies hair products

Kid's organics: Sheabutter shampoo and Growth remedy oil Usually I have a good/researched reason for trying particular products but in this case I just saw them in the shop and thought hhhmmmmm.....maybe kids products will be more gentle and nurturing on my hair. And compared to many generic adult products they were more gentle. The shampoo felt slightly more conditioning than a regular shampoo but it still stripped my hair completely (as expected from a sulfate shampoo). Both products smelt lovely but not suitable for someone in her late teens. These kind of products tend to have very strong fruity smells that can sometimes be overpowering. The growth remedy oil I didn't feel as though it did anything special. I would use it after washing and conditioning my hair and apply it whilst it was still damp. It just sat on top of my hair and would run onto my clothes. Even when I used the tiniest amount it would slide off. I think the only reason I put it in my hair was because I lik…

Sta-Sof-Fro Marula Oil

Over a year ago I was doing a bit of online research on my old school soft 'n' free lotion and found these products by the same company, so I decided to give them a try.
They were so much nicer than the soft 'n' free, these products smelt more pleasant and had a nicer consistency. My hair felt stronger and shinier after using the lotion although I'm not to sure if the spray did anything. The lotion didn't really define my curl pattern so when I put this product in before wearing my hair in a bun my hair would come out in looser less frizzy waves. I think what drew me to these in the first place was the name Marula. It just sounded so intriguing and quite pretty. The description of the product explained that Marula oil actually comes from the Marula fruit which grows in Africa. 
This then led me towards doing a little research on marula oil and I found some really interesting facts. It is a multi-purpose oil that can be used on hair and skin and it apparently has …

My experience with Herbal Essences

So ever since seeing those orgasmic Herbal Essences adverts on the TV I became obsessed with the hair care range. I was quite young at the time so I cared more about the smell than what the product was actually doing.
I didn't use this range consistently as the products that were in my bathroom depended on what my mom bought for the whole family, so it was out my control. But it kept its place as my favourite range for quite a few years until I really began to explore different products. This wasn't until I started university and was in control of everything I bought since it was my own money I was spending.
Even at an early age I somehow knew that products labelled for dry/damaged hair were the right products for me even if my hair wasn't damaged. My hair has always been thick and curly with very fine strands, which means it is always dry and prone to frizz. So naturally I became quite associated with the hello hydration collection but I am still yet to try the mask since i…

The Madness: and how it all began

This is another post about my hair and again looking back into the past where I didn't have a clue about what I was doing.

I'd like to talk about the time when I started to straighten my hair. I like to refer to these days as the dark days as I made some of the worst mistakes possible when applying heat to my hair.
I don't know what led me to straightening my hair for the first time but I remember that during the same period there was a sudden craze with ghd straighteners which were very popular at the time and some my friends happened to be obsessed with them. I guess listening to them obsess didn't really help me in my situation.
The first time I ever flat-ironed my hair I was around fifteen years old, after years and years of keeping my hair in one big protected braid at the back of my head it had grown to a very long length. When wet and stretched out my hair reached my middle/lower back however not all of this hair was healthy. The first time my hair was straightened…

Old-School Hair care products: Before the madness

So..........., I am slightly obsessed with my hair and beauty products in general and before I start reviewing, ranting, and obsessing over the products I'm experimenting with now I think it would make sense to explain my hair shenanigans so far and look back on the days when my hair care routine was so simple I could do it in my sleep. Before I go on I should mention that I am a curly girl, I'm mixed raced (Black,white and other things) with coily/spirally/kinky hair, I think it's in the 3C range but I'm never sure. I have about 3 different textures in my hair at any time and it tends to go in a gradient from my nape to the crown of my head with the loosest curls at the bottom and the tightest/kinkiest at the top. This alone causes trouble when it comes to styling but I shall talk about that another time. So here are the products I can remember using throughout all of my childhood and early teens.
Soft 'n' free curl activator lotion This big bottle of lotion was…