Aphogee: Keratin 2 minute reconstructor

I have to say that this is some good stuff here and well worth the money. Apogee has a whole line of products which I'm sure work really well too but I didn't have ban funds to also splurge on those. The keratin re-constructor here is a protein treatment. It replaces the keratin and amino acids lost from the hair shaft and since these form the skeleton of a hair strand these kind of protein treatments can have drastic results. 

Here's a link on how to use the product 

But my basic steps were:
  • Shampoo and rinse as usual
  • Apply Aphogee treatment in sections and comb through to distribute evenly
  • Diffuse with hair-dryer until hair goes hard/stiff (DO NOT COMB, HAIR WILL BREAK OFF!!!)
  • Gently tip hair over and rinse product out           (you will know it's rinsed out because the hair will be softer)
  • Condition IMMEDIATELY!!!
  • Style/whatever you usually do after washing
  • Finished :)
It took a few uses until my hair went stiff which means that the product is working its magic. You have to be very gentle when your hair is in this state as it is now a brittle solid  that could break like a frozen piece of string. Because protein treatments are very drying you have to balance it out with a rich moisturising conditioner. I can't recommend a specific one but as long as it's richer and more moisturising than what you usually use on a regular basis. Maybe deep conditioning twice with your regular conditioner will do the trick. Or maybe using two different conditioners will help as you would be killing two birds with one stone (different conditioners are tailored for different needs, i.e. dry/frizzy or dull/brittle or if you have coloured hair this might be a good option as you can combat colour and moisture in one day). I used a regular conditioner and a deep one/mask after such as Aussie 3 minute miracle re-constructor. 

With this product I noticed that only my ends and outer more exposed layers of hair were going hard/stiff which makes sense as they would be more damaged. Our ends are constantly under attack as well as the outer layers which bear the brunt of weather damage to protect the layers of hair underneath. This meant that my healthy hair was being left alone and only my damaged hair was being treated (or at least that's my theory, it could have simply been the way I used my hair-dryer). I initially would use this product every week for 6-8 weeks then I used it every other week for 1 month and haven't used it since. This was back in the winter time when my ends were really suffering but this protein treatment really made a difference. I noticed less split ends, less frizz and more defined curls. However because this treatment repairs and makes the hair more resistant the repaired hair might be more difficult to comb through and style as there can still be a little stiffness left over. I definitely noticed a gradual decline in my hair's strength after I stopped using it but I think it  is well worth the money if your hair is severely damaged or you use the flat iron regularly. But I should warn that if you flat iron straight after using this product you will destroy your curl pattern so maybe wait a week or two before cranking up the heat.

I spent £8.89 on Amazon for 473 ml of the apogee keratin re-constructor. Even for that price I still think it was worth every penny. But do not fear for I have seen this product being sold for around half the price by other retailers which was a slap in the face for me :(

I read somewhere that you should use this product weekly until your hair is restored and then keep using it every 6 weeks to maintain it. I have since cut out most of my hair damage and no longer need this but even after using it consecutively for almost 2 months I still haven't used half the bottle I also have very thick hair so a little goes a long way with this product.

Overall this is a great protein treatment but I would not recommend it unless your hair is in total distress.

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