Castor oil, Coconut oil, and Honey cocktail

Left coconut oil £8.99, Right castor oil £10.99

You may be guessing from the title that this is a very strange combination and you're right because these three are products that should never be mixed together... NEVER
(as said by Miss Taylor Swift herself)

But I guess I should first explain why.....

I was on the hunt for a home-made deep conditioner or pre-shampoo treatment and came across these oils on Amazon they're by a seller called Naissance who by the looks of it sells almost every oil you could ever think of.

link here...

I already knew that coconut oil and castor oil where good for my hair as I had previously tried the Hollywood beauty castor oil treatment and had read the the benefits of coconut oil online.  So I dove into the deep end and bought a whole Litre of each oil which both came in a liquid refined/fractionated form.
So my verdict....

The coconut oil was great to use on its own. I can use on straight or curly to combat frizz or as a pre-poo or deep conditioner. For an oil it absorbs quite well and has a very runny consistency, almost like water which means I can even put it in a spray bottle (sometimes I can barely tell the difference between this oil and water!!!). On flat-ironed hair it works soooo much better than a serum. Serums tend to dry too quickly and don't anything to protect my hair but coconut oil adds moisture, shine, and protection all in one and helps weigh the hair down to stop frizz or fly always. I will also use it as a pre-poo on straight hair to protect it from the drying/stripping effects of shampooing. The oil does have a distinct  smell but its rather mild compared to using solid virgin coconut oil which to me is absolutely wretched. Not only did it smell bad but it felt disgusting in my hands, Maybe I had a bad batch but here is what the devil in disguise looks like.....
It made my hair stiff and smell foul. I will probably never buy solid coconut oil again, I don't care how much better it is than the non virgin stuff. This particular tub by the way was around £5 on eBay  or it may have been £2.40 for two tubs. I honestly don't remember but it wasn't too expensive. But back to the liquid coconut oil....I have to warn that too much will make your hair look greasy, after all it is an oil.

If solid coconut oil was the devil in disguise then honey and castor oil would be the devil's worst nightmare. I was looking for ways on how to use my giant bottles of oil and came across a recipe for a home-made deep conditioner using honey, castor oil, and coconut oil. Both the castor oil and honey are so damn sticky and gloopy, they are IMPOSSIBLE to work with. I tried everything to combat this problem. I tried mixing all three together, I tried mixing the honey with the castor oil, I even tried adding some conditioner or adding honey to the conditioner but none of these would blend together. Give them a millisecond and they would soon separate. The castor oil was impossible to dispense through a pump bottle so I soon gave up on that. Not to mention the smell was absolutely revolting, I ended up throwing the whole litre bottle away as I had no Idea how to use it. The honey was a different story......I was intrigued by the fact that using honey might gradually lighten my hair or at least add some natural highlights but after a few uses nothing of the sort had happened. It was sticky, made my hair stiff, was difficult to wash out and also had a horrible smell. Talk about bittersweet. But gets worse.....when I gave up on the honey I put it in the baking cupboard for general cooking use not knowing that my mom would be daring enough to use it on our Sunday roast pork. My mom has done the honeyed-pork thing before and it tasted lovely but I guess it depends on what type of honey you use because when she tried it this time round the pork tasted absolutely disgusting!!!! My Sunday meal ruined because of my hair experimentations. I have decided since to never use actual food products on my hair except for liquid oils.

  • 100% pure castor oil and virgin coconut oil is a big NO NO
  • Honey is your enemy
  • And liquid coconut oil will save your soul
Amen <3

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