Kiddies hair products

Kid's organics: Sheabutter shampoo and Growth remedy oil
Usually I have a good/researched reason for trying particular products but in this case I just saw them in the shop and thought hhhmmmmm.....maybe kids products will be more gentle and nurturing on my hair. And compared to many generic adult products they were more gentle. The shampoo felt slightly more conditioning than a regular shampoo but it still stripped my hair completely (as expected from a sulfate shampoo). Both products smelt lovely but not suitable for someone in her late teens. These kind of products tend to have very strong fruity smells that can sometimes be overpowering. The growth remedy oil I didn't feel as though it did anything special. I would use it after washing and conditioning my hair and apply it whilst it was still damp. It just sat on top of my hair and would run onto my clothes. Even when I used the tiniest amount it would slide off. I think the only reason I put it in my hair was because I liked the smell. I probably wouldn't recommend any of these products. The consistency of the shampoo was very gloopy and difficult to work into my hair evenly. I personally like my products to be creamy but not to slippery so working with the growth oil that slipped out of my hands at any given moment was rather difficult.

At the same time as using the Kid's organics products I was also use this Princess by nature growth serum. Now the smell was not very pleasant but it was rather mild and still tolerable. I would rub this into my scalp and roots once a week by sectioning my hair, which was a very tedious and tiring process as my hair is very thick, making my scalp almost off limits. I don't think I used it long enough to see a difference in my hair growth but my scalp and roots did feel different as if they were softer and less prone to tangles.

I tried these products around a year ago so I can't really give a full verdict on them but I also had no idea what I was doing at the time. I was using too many products at once and letting the products tell me what to do rather than pay attention to what my hair really wants and needs. Needless to say, I think I knew enough the realise that these products weren't right for me otherwise I would still be using them.

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