My experience with Herbal Essences

So ever since seeing those orgasmic Herbal Essences adverts on the TV I became obsessed with the hair care range. I was quite young at the time so I cared more about the smell than what the product was actually doing.

I didn't use this range consistently as the products that were in my bathroom depended on what my mom bought for the whole family, so it was out my control. But it kept its place as my favourite range for quite a few years until I really began to explore different products. This wasn't until I started university and was in control of everything I bought since it was my own money I was spending.

Even at an early age I somehow knew that products labelled for dry/damaged hair were the right products for me even if my hair wasn't damaged. My hair has always been thick and curly with very fine strands, which means it is always dry and prone to frizz. So naturally I became quite associated with the hello hydration collection but I am still yet to try the mask since it didn't exist all those years ago. 

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration moisturising shampooHerbal Essences Hello Hydration moisturising conditioner

I noticed that any of the herbal essences shampoos/conditioners made my hair softer, more manageable and healthier. However, one day I decided that the hello hydration conditioner just wasn't doing a good enough job any more, and to be honest I was getting sick of the colour blue. The consistency of the conditioner felt a bit too cheap and runny compared to the thick creamy consistency of the other conditioners. And also the shampoo felt very stripping which doesn't make sense as it was supposed to moisturise my locks not dry them out.

So this lead me towards trying other collections......
Herbal Essences Smooth & Soft smoothing conditioner
I ended up using the smooth and soft conditioner in combination with the hello hydration shampoo and it really did make my hair soft to touch. Although my hair is naturally soft and shiny anyway this conditioner sent my softness levels off the scale and to a another planet!!

I then became very concious of my split ends, which are impossible to avoid when you have fine hair that needs to be de-tangled every damn day :(. So the Logical solution was to try the beautiful ends collection. 
shampoo for long hairconditioner for long hairsplit end protection creammask for long hair
Left to right: shampoo,conditioner, cream, mask
Each individual product made a noticeable difference by itself so I thought that using the entire collection would give my hair the full effect. I was also drawn by the advertisement that it would protect my hair and make it grow longer. Although it made no difference to my hair growth it did make my ends feel more protected and look healthier. But the biggest surprise to me was that after using the shampoo in combination with the hello hydration conditioner my hair was so soft and manageable I couldn't believe it. Usually de-tangling after the shower is a challenge but these products made it so quick and easy. I didn't notice much of a difference with the hair mask and it felt like I might as well have used the conditioner twice except the mask is more slippery. Compared the the Aussie three minute miracle deep conditioners I don't think this mask really did anything special to my hair. The cream did make my ends look less frizzy however by the end of the day they were very crunchy. This was probably because I used too much product on my hair but my curls needed a substantial amount to be defined and springy. I think the cream would work well on hair textures that are looser than my own but it still made my ends look beautiful <3. The only problem I have with the cream Is that it doesn't last very long as you have to use it every day and that can be very expensive if you have thick locks.
Herbal Essences Break's Over strengthening conditioner
Recently I have tried the Herbally ever after/breakage defender conditioner and in my opinion I think it's the best conditioner I have tried from this range. The consistency of the product is thick and creamy, and not too runny (I find runny conditioners annoying as more product slips out of my hands and down the drain, very wasteful). It felt like a high quality conditioner but not as luxurious as the dove shampoos and conditioners. I can almost never tell if a product has had an effect on my hair as my texture can sometimes disguise any differences. But It says breakage defender on the bottle which is perfect for fine brittle hair like mine. I can only describe my hair as feeling nourished and pampered  whilst using this conditioner and even after rinsing it out.

So far my favourite products from this range are the Breakage defender and the beautiful ends conditioners. There are still a few more products in the range I am yet to try such as the masks as they have only recently been introduced. I also think I should retry the soft and smooth collection since I only bought it once and I think it may need another chance to prove itself :)

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