VO5 Give me sandpaper and Gloss me dry

I guess the weird bottle shape is what lured me towards these in the first place. Or maybe it was a review. I remember years ago I believe I used a VO5 conditioner or another range of conditioner called luminous shine. And my hair was soooo shiny after straightening I could not believe it. So when I saw these I thought maybe I could relive that experience. I have to say, both conditioners felt slippery and ineffective like the Tressemme conditioners. Not only that but both shampoos completely stripped my hair and made my curls difficult to style and manage, not to mention they were dry as hell because the conditioners didn't do anything in the way of moisturising (despite the promise to "give me moisture")
The Gloss me smoothly however did do what it said it would and added shine. I originally planned to flat-iron my hair after blow-drying but I got lazy and decided to do a blow-out which I do not recommend. I think blow drying straight does not work unless you have the right equipment (i.e. hotrod round brush/rollers or you keep a hair stylist in your closet) or a very loose curl pattern. So after blow-drying I ended up looking like a frizzy witch broom to which I decided to do a braid out. I did like 8 braids the first time and 4 on the next night then 2 in the middle of the day. Every time I braided I put in some coconut oil but when I took it out my hair was still frizzy. It was somewhat shinier than usual however it was so dry and poofy that I could not go out the house without fearing I would revert back looking like a witch broom. you see the weather in the UK is so damn temperamental that my hair shape is at the mercy to what ever mother nature has to throw at me. I could have perfect curls inside my house but even the slightest breeze will send my ringlets high into the sky. Meanwhile the straight hair I see on other girls magically stays put. Even when mine is flat ironed and looks like said straight hair it still flaps around like those flipping commercials that use an industrial fan for a dramatic hair effect. Not that I don't want to look dramatic but it gets to the point where it's in my face and my fringe is the blown to the wrong side, and as a consequence I am back to being a witch broom.

After giving up on these products I gave the gloss me smoothly set to one sister and the give me moisture set to  the other sister. Both sisters had good results but they take care of their hair very differently to me. They both leave their regular conditioners in and air dry. The the gloss me smoothly sister had noticeably shiner curls whereas the give me moisture sister had much softer curls than usual. Over all I personally recommend the gloss me smoothly conditioner but don't waste your time on the shampoos as they will dry you out faster than the sahara desert. My hair is particularly fussy about what it will and wont work with and these products just didn't work for me. But that doesn't mean to say they won't work for someone else. If I was desperate for shine I would use the gloss me smoothly conditioner but I'm not desperate so I'd rather use something more moisturising. Each 500ml bottle is under £4 but I got them on offer for £1.79 each. If you're unsure there are 250 ml bottles for £1 which is better if you only want to try them out. I recommend buying the cheaper travel size versions of products before diving in the deep end and getting a  full priced large bottle of something you might hate and then don't know what to do with afterwards. Luckily for me I have two little sisters who are more than happy to accept my reject products since they don't have the money to buy their own. Funnily enough they seem to have gorgeous curls despite using the products that I hate. Either my  sisters have low-maintenance hair, my hair is high maintenance, or I'm just plain fussy with the results I get from a product. I haven't tried the other collections by VO5 such as the nourish me truly or hot oils but I imagine they would not impress me either.

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