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Boots essential curl cream

This stuff is DA BOMB !!! and I'm not even joking. A little miracle in a 250ml tub for £1.29, total bargain! It may look small but trust me you do not need that much.
It does have a thick sticky consistency and is somewhere between a gel/wax or a cream and the fact that it is pink is just even better :) <3
I apply it to damp hair after using a bit of leave in conditioner. I rub a small amount between my fingertips and smooth it down my hair in sections. No twisting or manipulating just smoothing it down and maybe a bit of finger de-tangling, and oh boy are my curls defined!!!
I have never had a product that makes my curls look so lovely without even trying. I get lovely little ringlets so effortlessly which would otherwise require me twisting small sections of hair bit by bit for hours. 
It does leave my hair crunchy but after a few hours of goofing around like I usually do or even sitting down the crunch disappears. I can also get rid of the crunch by diffusing or simply fluffing …

Argan oil Conditioner

Due to my somewhat recent obsession with argan oil this brown bottle caught my eye and for just £1 I had to buy it. It isn't however a very big tube, only 150 ml but who's complaining at that price.
I love the packaging, the brown colour makes it look so earthy and natural and the shiny gold touch just made it look sooo promising. I mean who doesn't like a bit of shimmer every now and then?

The smell is nothing like usual conditioners. there is no perfume in the ingredients so I imagine it has no scent at all. What it does smell of is probably just the blend of oils and other typical ingredients of a conditioner which seems very natural to me.
The consistency is creamy but very light with a bit of slip. I personally hate slippery conditioners but this one has just about as much slip as I will tolerate. I left it in for at least 2 hours and it did not go crispy on my hair at all.
I'm not sure if  it has made any difference to my hair but it hasn't done anything bad…

Sensodyne Toothpaste

As I am now petrified of all things that contain sulfates/SLS I decide to change the brand of toothpaste that I use.
I tried to take a picture of the ingredients but they were too small. I am certain though that there are no SLS in this toothpaste.
This one cost around £2 from Superdrug and you get 75ml which for one person is okay but for the entire family is not purse friendly at all. My family of 6 go through an average tube of toothpaste every week or so.
However compared to any other brand this toothpaste has a few benefits that I have not experienced before.
What I noticed immediately was that it didn't sting my tongue!!!! :D lots of points earned there. Sometimes when I brush my teeth with other brands particularly Aquafresh I feel like I might as well of burnt my tongue with a hot curry.
This toothpaste also didn't froth as much which is great because I get so uncomfortable when there's too much and having to spit it out just causes a mess (no innuendo)
With all t…

Oops I did it again.....

I went Shopping !!!!! :)
Now I didn't just buy these products alone but I'm sure you don't want to read about the cotton buds, soapboxes and boring hand washes I bought.....
From left to right: Sensodyne toothpaste, Lush sex bomb bath bomb, Lush lettuce face mask, Boots essential curl cream.
Now my reason for buying the Sensodyne toothpaste is that It does not contain SLS therefore I am one more step away from an SLS free lifestyle, I am yet to find a hand wash and it's so annoying because there are so many pretty looking bottles of hand wash out there. I thing I will eventually turn towards some lush soap to supplement hand wash but this would be rather pricey :( 
I think this toothpaste cost me around £2 in Superdrug although I could probably get it cheaper in discount UK if they sold it. I like how it comes it a more personal sized tube. All my beauty and care products are almost separate from the ones my family use so there's no point in me buying family sized…

Less than impressed

So I have recently been having a beauty breakdown after doing some reading on the web and finding out about all the unfriendly chemicals that are in my favourite products.
I have been aware of sulphates for quite some time and have been trying to avoid them. I have also been slightly aware of silicones but never really acted upon it.
As of yesterday I have decided to stay away from sulphates, pure silicones, parabens and aluminium chlorohydrate (found in deodorants)
If you want more info on these you should search the web but here are the brief reasons why I avoid them
Sulfates - strip hair of natural oils and dries it out, also does the same for the skin,Pure silicone - (water soluble silicones are okay) these sit ontop of the hair shaft and prevent water from entering the cuticle thus drying the hair out.Parabens - linked to breast cancer, mimics hormone oestrogen, can affect male reproductive systemAmmonium chlorohydrate - damaging to nerves, linked to Alzheimers 
More info on  sul…

Argan oil hair treatment

So I saw this brand In Discount UK and the shampoo, conditioner and this 25ml treatment were all £1 each BARGAIN!!!
Until I looked at the ingredients..... The shampoo had a sulphate at the top of the ingredients list and this little treatment oil had cyclodimethicone and dimethicone. I did not find out about the silicones until after I bought it thus I was rather peed off :( This is such a shame as the rest of the ingredients is a blend of lovely oils and the product itself smells rather pleasant.
Now I wasn't silicone concious or paraben & polyquaternium concious until recently (i.e yesterday)
The conditioner seems to be curlygirl safe so I am yet to try it. I am currently at a point were I am trying to use up all my products that have non-CG ingredients so I can move onto a full force CG method.
Anyways....on with the review!!!!
First I applied some Aussie leave in conditioner (as seen in the back right of the picture) to moist any dry curls and redefine them. I then went In and ap…

Vaseline cocoa radiant lotion

I've never been interested in Vaseline too much until decided to sniff a bottle of this purely out of curiosity.  I almost overdosed on the chocolatey scent and decided I couldn't live without trying some of this cocoa goodness.
So how did it fair?
It wasn't too sticky like some products I have tried in the past but I still found it difficult to get a pair of leggings on. Not as absorbent as the Garnier 7 day lotion which I would put at a 4.5 out of 5. Therefore I give this product 3 out of  5 on absorbing into my skin.
It is definitely a rich creamy moisturiser but not as heavy as a night cream or body butter. Me and body butters don't get along very well :( but this one was just rich enough for me. You see, although my skin is usually dry and dusty it  has a hard time absorbing anything even water!! So anything too rich will just sit on top or end up on my clothes instead.
As for making my skin look radiant I can't really say whether it did any of that. My skin is na…

Twisted Sista: twisted feelings

Left to right: different strokes serum, blow dry cream, shampoo, conditioner, curl activator cream , and 30 second curl spray
This brand had been around for a while and I've probably seen it in stores for around a year but it's only recently that I've decided to pay attention to it. I was browsing superdrug online as you do and all of these products except the shampoo and conditioner were on offer for 99p each. They're usual price is 1.99 each which isn't bad but you can still get all of these in discount uk for 99p except for the 30 second curl spray. So these products are pretty darn cheap. 
Up until seeing these products on offer I had ignored the brand and cast it off as a poor attempt a Caucasian business man is trying to pull to be a part of the curl revelation going on these days. Little did I know that the man who created this line is a man of colour who has carefully spent years trying to create products that will work for almost any curl but specifically mi…

Trip to London: Victoria's secret

If you live in the Midlands you will know that sometime in march there were lots of train delays because of some surprise snowing that occurred  Because of these delays my mom was given free tickets to London by the network people to make up for the inconvenience. Thus me and a few sidekicks decided to do some shopping in London just in one day.
Baring in mind we live in the West Midlands getting there was no easy task.
My day started at 4:30 in the morning and I groggily got up and started my morning routine with little to no sleep. Because it was so early i din't feel like breakfast so I had to wait until we got all the way there to eat.
We caught a bus into the town centre at 6.15am but when we got to the train station we found out that we could only use London midland trains that stopped at a billion other stations on the way. Those fancy smancy direct virgin trains were out of the option and although the tickets were free I was less than amused about this.
We ended up catching a…

Dove nourishing oil

Left to right. shampoo, express treatment conditioner, regular conditioner
I got a free sample of the conditioner around a year ago and used it to co was. I absolutely loved it and when I saw it in-store a year later with argan oil as on of the ingredients I was sold!!
The Shampoo Although it contains sulphates it felt as if my hair was not stripped dry and still quite manageable afterwards. The best sulfate shampoo I have come across and felt luxurious as I lathered it into my hair.Cleaned my hair without stripping it completelyThe conditioner Not too slippery, actually quite creamy but then not to thick so detangling was not a problem.Like the shampoo it felt luxurious and I noticed such a difference when I I finished styling my curls.Made my hair more manageable and shiny
The express Treatment Conditioner
Did not feel much different from the regular conditionersupposed to be a deeper treatment but the regular one felt much better to meI have only used it once so maybe it needs a few mor…

Schwarzkopf got2b Guardian Angel Heat Protectant

Well first of all I have to say that this is a snazzy bottle!!!

I don't think i need to explain why I bought this. Obviously I did not want to fry my strands with the flat iron and this was 2 for £4 online so I went for it not even knowing anything about the brand. This was awhile ago when I think these first came out and hadn't reach the store shelves yet. They are now over £4 in Superdrug
The shape of the bottle made it very easy to hold so applying it wasn't too difficult. the main thing that always bugs me about spray bottles is that my hands get wet from handling and the bottle slips out of my hand faster than a sliding penguin. So 2 points for packaging :)
Also it lasts a long time despite the slim appearance.

I have no doubt that it protected my hair but it did not smell pleasant. I think it might have been the alcohol-based ingredients or something else giving it a strong scent. It wasn't horrid but it was too overpowering to me. Also it did not help in the way of …

Fantasia straightening hair polish

I was on the hunt for a serum and the ones in superdrug were too pricey for my liking But then I waked past this lovely little pink bottle in the hair supply store at £4.99 for 175ml which to me was a wholelotta serum!!!
Not only that but it smells gorgeous. It is also packed with silicones which I know aren't good for natural hair but in this case i'm straightening and silicones are what protect from heat in the first place so that was good. It dries very quickly as I can see product flaking off as I comb through it but I think it melts into place during flat ironing. 
I use this on towel-dried/damp hair in combination with a heat protection spray but I don't bother using it after flat ironing as it gives my hair shine for about 2 seconds until it flakes off. Also it's a serum so it's difficult to work through dry hair anyway.
I knew I had purchased a good product when I saw lots of other girls on Youtube using this serum for when flat-ironing. My sisters were also ve…

Body lotions and Hand creams

This is a summary of all the moisturisers I have tried over the past year or so Cranberry and pomegranate lotion from Superdrug cheap: under/around £1 smells okay but not really as nice as other products that smell of pomegranates  (i.e. dove body washes and deodorants) Felt sticky and did not absorb into my skin quick enough  (putting my clothes on was a challenge as they clung to my skin) Sta-Sof-Fro cocoa butter Less than £2 from beauty supply store I could definitely smell a hint of coconut with this product but I soon became bored and fed up with the smell Product was sticky and again made my clothes cling to my skin I noticed a minor difference in how my stretch marks looked but nothing absolutely major
Betty and Walter Hand cream Was given to me for Christmas by an auntie and thank god they did because this was lovely It smells lovely and floral, maybe a bit to mature or grannylike for some young girls but I only used it at home and it really moisturised my skin My only problem was that when …

Battle of the body oils

So its probably been a year since I tried to use some of these therefore I am going to do a sonic speed bullet point review because I honestly can't think of how to review these in detail

I have stretch marks

And no I'm not pregnant or a mother and I've never been overweight

but yet I still have them...........all around my hips/cheeks (yes THOSE kind of cheeks)

I think it happened when I was 10-11 years old and my hips and booty started getting bigger. I had quit gymnastics as a hobby so I was no longer exercising, thus I began to gain weight. I must have mistook them for clothing marks and it wasn't until years later that I realised that they were actually stretch marks. By that time it was too late to get rid of them completely and the damage had been done. But that didn't stop me from trying. I've never been insecure about it because I knew no one would ever see them unless I had an excuse to be naked in-front of someone. But it still bothered me and I felt lik…

Dove Heat defence hair products

Left to right; Heat defence mist 150ml, shampoo 250ml, conditioner 200ml, hair mask
I can't pick a fault with these products at all and when I finished straightening with the flat iron my hair was fabulous. I have not seen any heat damage after using these products three times over a 5 month period. I have not tried the mask as I have never seen it in store. I have a feeling it has been discontinued which is unfortunate as it is essential to use a deep conditioner before straightening and this mask would have completed the set. Instead I use Aussie take the heat 3 minute miracle in it's place. You can get most of the dove shampoos and conditioners for £1 in Poundland, Poundworld or £1.29 in Discount UK. In highstreet retailers like Boots and Superdrug these products are usually over £3-4 
So onto the review......
The shampoo Cleaned my hair and did not feel too stripping/drying or cheap and did not lather to much but it was still easy to work with. Felt luxurious, as do most dove …