Argan oil Conditioner

Due to my somewhat recent obsession with argan oil this brown bottle caught my eye and for just £1 I had to buy it. It isn't however a very big tube, only 150 ml but who's complaining at that price.

I love the packaging, the brown colour makes it look so earthy and natural and the shiny gold touch just made it look sooo promising. I mean who doesn't like a bit of shimmer every now and then?

The smell is nothing like usual conditioners. there is no perfume in the ingredients so I imagine it has no scent at all. What it does smell of is probably just the blend of oils and other typical ingredients of a conditioner which seems very natural to me.

The consistency is creamy but very light with a bit of slip. I personally hate slippery conditioners but this one has just about as much slip as I will tolerate. I left it in for at least 2 hours and it did not go crispy on my hair at all.

I'm not sure if  it has made any difference to my hair but it hasn't done anything bad like coating it with silicones or any other product. My hair does however seem very soft, shiny and moisturised. I used the boots essential curl cream to style afterwards so I don't know if that has made any contribution or is masking the effects of this conditioner.

As you can see the top half the ingredients is packed with lots of oils that have all been shown to have benefits towards healthy hair. Also there are no parabens or any other unfriendly ingredients. The only thing that caught my eye was PEG-10 diemethicone but since that has PEG in front it is water soluble and won't cause build up.

There was a matching shampoo and oil treatment which I have recently reviewed but I din't bother to purchase the shampoo as it had sulphates on the ingredients list.

So far there is nothing I do not like about this conditioner and the ingredients alone are enough for me to keep buying it. On the front in gold letters it says the cleansing but I don't know if this applies to the conditioner or is just there for show. If this is a cleansing conditioner then that would make it even better for co-washing.

If you live in the UK you can find this conditioner in Discount UK or poundworld. It seems to be slightly  more expensive online but this conditioner is a total bargain for just £1. I've noticed similar products in Superdrug that are based around argan oil but these are much more pricey and are probably no different to the cheaper one I have bought.

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