Argan oil hair treatment

So I saw this brand In Discount UK and the shampoo, conditioner and this 25ml treatment were all £1 each

Until I looked at the ingredients.....
The shampoo had a sulphate at the top of the ingredients list and this little treatment oil had cyclodimethicone and dimethicone. I did not find out about the silicones until after I bought it thus I was rather peed off :( This is such a shame as the rest of the ingredients is a blend of lovely oils and the product itself smells rather pleasant.

Now I wasn't silicone concious or paraben & polyquaternium concious until recently (i.e yesterday)

The conditioner seems to be curlygirl safe so I am yet to try it. I am currently at a point were I am trying to use up all my products that have non-CG ingredients so I can move onto a full force CG method.

Anyways....on with the review!!!!

First I applied some Aussie leave in conditioner (as seen in the back right of the picture) to moist any dry curls and redefine them. I then went In and applied more than a few drops to each section which Is not what the directions recommend as they suggest to only use a few drops for the entire head of hair . How that works I do not know as I have rather thick medium length hair. Besides I needed to use it up anyway.

It did not feel sticky and was extremely easy to apply and work into my hair, without being to slippery either, just the perfect consistency. Usually when I use styling products such as the twisted sista cream in the left of the picture, my hair feels crispy and crunchy. But using this product before applying the cream helped to keep my curls soft and crunch free. The downside however is that It increases air drying time and I can still feel some oily residue after about an hour or so. Still not sticky however and I'm sure this can be combated with a diffuser.

A little does not go a long way as I have already used half of the 25ml bottle but maybe if I was more conservative with my pouring skills I could make this little bottle stretch to four uses.

Over all this is a lovely affordable little treatment which would have been even lovelier had it not been for the silicones. If they were water soluble then maybe I would continue to use the treatment but I when I finish this bottle I will have to say...

farewell forever :'(

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