Body lotions and Hand creams

This is a summary of all the moisturisers I have tried over the past year or so
Cranberry and pomegranate lotion from Superdrug
cheap: under/around £1
smells okay but not really as nice as other products that smell of pomegranates 
(i.e. dove body washes and deodorants)
Felt sticky and did not absorb into my skin quick enough 
(putting my clothes on was a challenge as they clung to my skin)
Sta-Sof-Fro cocoa butter
Less than £2 from beauty supply store
I could definitely smell a hint of coconut with this product but I soon became bored and fed up with the smell
Product was sticky and again made my clothes cling to my skin
I noticed a minor difference in how my stretch marks looked but nothing absolutely major

Betty and Walter Hand cream
Was given to me for Christmas by an auntie and thank god they did because this was lovely
It smells lovely and floral, maybe a bit to mature or grannylike for some young girls but I only used it at home and it really moisturised my skin
My only problem was that when it had finished being absorbed into my skin it felt like there was a thin layer of film all over my hands that made them feel dry and slightly irritated but they looked perfectly fine.
Smells lovely but maybe not for extremely dry skin like mine.

Superdrug anti-ageing hand cream
Cheap: around £1
I bought this simply for the fact that the tube was purple and would look good in my bag
Little did I know that low price product was a great hand cream that made my skin look instantly younger and protected from UV sun rays.
Doesn't really have a scent so I guess guys wouldn't have to worry about smelling like a flower with this product
Unless I find something else that protects from UV rays, ageing, and smells lovely I will repurchase this to use outside

Garnier 7 days body lotion (£3.99) and hand cream (2.99) both in mango
I chose mango because it smelt the nicest out of all the other selections.
I cannot give these products enough praise in terms of moisturising.
All the other body moisturisers were sticky and kept my skin hydrated for about half a day by then it would feel dry and look dusty again.

These Garnier lotions however keep my skin hydrated until I wash them off which for my body is every other day and very often for my hands. Over time I have noticed an improvement in my skin and it feels smoother and slightly stronger.
Although these two products seem a bit pricey they last a lot longer because you don't have to apply them that often. I sometimes have the same hand cream for months and still can't finish it even with daily use.

The body lotion I only use after each bath/shower because I am quite lazy and do not have the time or effort to apply to my entire body twice a day. Even then It does the job and smells nice.

It also lives up to the advertisement of being absorbed quickly into the skin. By the time I've applied the lotion to my legs and worked my way up to my arms it has pretty much been absorbed into my legs and I can put clothes on without them clinging.

The Garnier hand cream however doesn't quite live up to the advertisement of keeping the skin moisturised after one wash as the creases of my hands were dry and flaky after washing. But the rest of my hands seemed fine.

If these products had UV protection then I would probably stick with these forever but I am still on the hunt for something that is as good as these two and protects from the sun as well as ageing.

I have to mention that regardless of what hand cream you use, how much you apply and how it spreads determines whether it is sticky/greasy I find that most things will absorb into my hands quickly and if there is too much I wipe my palms on anything nearby, hopefully a towel and not a person lol, that would be very inappropriate, unless it was a  very attractive male, then wipe away!!! :)

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