Dove Heat defence hair products

Left to right; Heat defence mist 150ml, shampoo 250ml, conditioner 200ml, hair mask

I can't pick a fault with these products at all and when I finished straightening with the flat iron my hair was fabulous. I have not seen any heat damage after using these products three times over a 5 month period. I have not tried the mask as I have never seen it in store. I have a feeling it has been discontinued which is unfortunate as it is essential to use a deep conditioner before straightening and this mask would have completed the set. Instead I use Aussie take the heat 3 minute miracle in it's place. You can get most of the dove shampoos and conditioners for £1 in Poundland, Poundworld or £1.29 in Discount UK. In highstreet retailers like Boots and Superdrug these products are usually over £3-4 

So onto the review......

The shampoo
Cleaned my hair and did not feel too stripping/drying or cheap and did not lather to much but it was still easy to work with. Felt luxurious, as do most dove products.

The conditioner
Plenty of slip but not too much, just the right consistency for me to handle and did not go everywhere so it wasn't too messy. I left it on my hair for a while (maybe 20 mins) and it made a hell of a difference. I can tell the condition of my hair even when it's wet and after using this conditioner my hair wasn't as coarse compared to using a regular cheaper brand.

Both the shampoo and especially the conditioner smelled nice and I always feel pampered after using these two.

The Heat Defence Mist
I have to say that this product is possibly the best heat protection spray I have ever used. On the bottle it says it has moisturising micro-serum and my hair definitely felt moisturised after using this. I sprayed this mist onto my hair in sections and applied a bit of serum as I was going along before blow-drying straight. Not only did it protect my hair but it moisturised it as well  which is crucial when using heat appliances as these can dry out the hair strands. I have used Tresseme heat protection spray (protects up to 230 degrees) and the Schwartzkopf Got2b heat protection spray which is supposed to protect hair up to 220 degrees celcius. I also have a bottle of the Tresseme salon sleek argan oil styling spray which is suppose to protect the hair from heat but does not specify a temperature. the Tresseme argan oil spray smells the nicest by far with the regular Tresseme following after it. The Swartzkopf spray had a very overpowering smell that lingered in my hair which led to me giving my remaining bottles to my sisters. This Dove Mist did not leave an overpowering smell lingering in my hair but I also believe that how burnt your hair smells after straightening  depends on your flat-iron and how clean it is. Over all a good spray tat I cannot praise or recommend enough.

In the photo the products say that they protect up to 180 degrees but the ones I bought actually protect up to 200 degrees which means the company has probably tried to improve the products. To get my straightest hair I use a my flat iron at 190-200 degrees Celsius and like I said earlier I have not seen any heat damage so far. I have probably cut off a good 2 inches worth of split ends however which were probably a result of styling and environmental damage.

I am 100% happy with these products and for such a low price they are almost too good to be true. Things like the masks and sprays can't really be found in stores such as Poundland but I am willing to pay a higher price in boots in order to protect my hair from heat.

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