Dove nourishing oil

Left to right. shampoo, express treatment conditioner, regular conditioner

I got a free sample of the conditioner around a year ago and used it to co was. I absolutely loved it and when I saw it in-store a year later with argan oil as on of the ingredients I was sold!!

The Shampoo
  • Although it contains sulphates it felt as if my hair was not stripped dry and still quite manageable afterwards. 
  • The best sulfate shampoo I have come across and felt luxurious as I lathered it into my hair.
  • Cleaned my hair without stripping it completely
The conditioner
  • Not too slippery, actually quite creamy but then not to thick so detangling was not a problem.
  • Like the shampoo it felt luxurious and I noticed such a difference when I I finished styling my curls.
  • Made my hair more manageable and shiny

The express Treatment Conditioner

  • Did not feel much different from the regular conditioner
  • supposed to be a deeper treatment but the regular one felt much better to me
  • I have only used it once so maybe it needs a few more goes to have an effect but it pretty much feels the same
  • was thicker but still easy to work through my hair
  • My hair did not seem moisturised when I'd finished styling and drying it
Nourishing Oil Care Leave-in Conditioning Spray
The Leave in conditioner
  • Had an overpowering smell
  • Didn't do anything for my hair other than make it more shiny which I couldn't care less about since I have frizzy dry curls anyway 
  • What I needed was moisture which this product didn't give

* any conditioner that I use I leave on for at least an hour or so
* the leave in conditioner I used on damp and dry hair and either way it did not do much

You can buy the shampoo and regular conditioner in poundland/poundworld or for £1.29 in discount uk. In boots each product in the range is over £2-3 to which I kicked myself when I saw them cheaper in other stores. I didn't bother with the hair mask as the ingredients were pretty much the same as the conditioner and even less value for money as the pot was smaller and more expensive. I had no idea that the leave in cream or oil treatment existed but if I see them for cheap I will definitely buy them.

Overall I think the shampoo and conditioner are the best I have probably come across  and are my favourite regular shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo of course I would only use once a month for clarifying my hair because it contains sulfates but until I find anything better for the same price or less I will continue to use it aswell as the conditioner.

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