Fantasia straightening hair polish

I was on the hunt for a serum and the ones in superdrug were too pricey for my liking
But then I waked past this lovely little pink bottle in the hair supply store at £4.99 for 175ml which to me was a wholelotta serum!!!

Not only that but it smells gorgeous. It is also packed with silicones which I know aren't good for natural hair but in this case i'm straightening and silicones are what protect from heat in the first place so that was good. It dries very quickly as I can see product flaking off as I comb through it but I think it melts into place during flat ironing. 

I use this on towel-dried/damp hair in combination with a heat protection spray but I don't bother using it after flat ironing as it gives my hair shine for about 2 seconds until it flakes off. Also it's a serum so it's difficult to work through dry hair anyway.

I knew I had purchased a good product when I saw lots of other girls on Youtube using this serum for when flat-ironing. My sisters were also very jealous and tried to get there mucky hands on it but I now keep it under lock and key because I love it so much. I will probably keep using this until I find something better or it gets discontinued. That being said I don't straighten my hair very often so it barely gets used. I still have over half a bottle even after spilling some in my beauty stash box

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