Halos and Horns baby bath care

Left to right; baby bath, moisturising lotion, 2in1 shampoo & conditioner, shampoo & detangler, toothpaste

There is also a bubble bath  and body wash that has been left out of the picture but it looks and is essentially the same as the baby bath.

The Halos and Horns range is a bunch of gentle cleansing products free of sulphates parabens and other harsh chemicals. These products are perfect for sensitive skin and I don't think you could find a milder cleanser unless you have pink fluffy clouds coming out of your water tap.

I have not tried all the products in this range but I don't think I really need to. I am however very interested in the toothpaste but I have no reason to purchase it until I have children of my own which will be very far away in the future.

Of this range I have used the Baby bath, bubble bath & body wash, Shampoo & conditioner, and hair and body wash. I didn't bother with the moisturiser because It did not smell very pleasant, and to me it wasn't worthwhile buying. I also haven't tried the shampoo & detangler and to be honest I probably will never need to because all the other products felt exactly the same. They were all very sticky!!! so sticky that it was difficult to wash my hair with and difficult to rinse out. It was like I was putting runny honey In my hair. Initially I only put the products on my scalp when washing my hair and that did not rinse off easily until I used conditioner. So I do not recommend using any of these products on your own or your baby's hair. What annoyed me about these products is that they all felt and smelt the same. They all have a distinct common smell that is not unpleasant but when a product says blueberries or zingy orange, I want to smell of blueberries or zingy orange. The only products that did have a faint flavour were the mango mahem shampoo & conditioner and the zingy orange hair & body wash. The stuff inside the bottle barely lathers and in terms of  bubble bath the bubbles will last microseconds because the products have no SLSs or harsh chemicals which are what make baths foamy in the firsrt place. This did not bother me as I was content with my short-lasting bubbles and the products do lather on the skin but in the foamy way a typical body wash would. When the product lathers it's more creamy that bubbly. I found these aspects common amongst all the products I tried and was not surprised as the ingredients in each product were almost identical. The only thing different was the packaging thus I am not going to bother trying the shampoo and detangler as I know I will get the same result.

If you're trying to go sulphate free I totally recommend these products for washing your skin as mine feels less stripped and more moisturised with these. But If you are looking for a sulphate free way to wash your hair I would stay away from these products ESPECIALLY if you have curly/kinky hair. Its hard enough getting conditioner out of my locks let alone a sticky gloopy mess that doesn't even smell like blueberries!!

Unless I find something better I will probably continue to use either the mango mahem shampoo & conditioner or the zingy orange hair & body wash as these are the only ones that actually smell of what is promoted on the bottle. Even if you buy one of the products targeted for hair the ingredients are all so similar that you could probably use them on the skin, as long as there are no silicones involved as those can cause breakouts. These products are usually over £3 in boots but in ASDA they are £2. I however got them on offer for £1.50 because I always have and eye for a bargain. Considering the prices of other sulphate free products this range is the probably the cheapest.

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