Less than impressed

So I have recently been having a beauty breakdown after doing some reading on the web and finding out about all the unfriendly chemicals that are in my favourite products.

I have been aware of sulphates for quite some time and have been trying to avoid them. I have also been slightly aware of silicones but never really acted upon it.

As of yesterday I have decided to stay away from sulphates, pure silicones, parabens and aluminium chlorohydrate (found in deodorants)

If you want more info on these you should search the web but here are the brief reasons why I avoid them

  • Sulfates - strip hair of natural oils and dries it out, also does the same for the skin,
  • Pure silicone - (water soluble silicones are okay) these sit ontop of the hair shaft and prevent water from entering the cuticle thus drying the hair out.
  • Parabens - linked to breast cancer, mimics hormone oestrogen, can affect male reproductive system
  • Ammonium chlorohydrate - damaging to nerves, linked to Alzheimers 

More info on  sulphates and silicones:

After looking at the ingredients of my currently in use products and the ones on my wish list I was appalled to find out that most of them have these unfriendly chemicals on their ingredients lists.

So maybe I should make a list of products that I love, but only at the risk of developing some sort of disease:

  • Dove nourishing oil range - silicones, these worked great first time but I decided to ditch the shampoo and co-wash to avoid the sulfates, This however led to a build up of silicones on my hair and scalp which looked like dandruff and dried my hair to the point where it was getting slightly frizzier
  • Twisted sista range - also packed with silicones
  • Most of the Aussie hair products - packed with parabens
  • Simple skincare range - also packed with parabens
  • Clearasil rapid action treatment cream - best spot treatment I have come across but has parabens
  • Body lotions - Vaseline cocoa radiant lotion and Garnier 7 day body lotion, both have parabens
  • Dove pomegranate Deodorant - Aluminium chlorohydrate
  • Superdrug anti-age hand cream - parabens
  • Quite a lot of my makeup has parabens :(
The bad news is that these unfriendly chemicals are almost unavoidable unless you're willing to spend 3 times as much money for paraben free products and make-up

Luckily about half of the products I already own are free of these chemicals and are not too pricey either:
  • halos and horns bathtime range
  • Most of the herbal essences products
  • Femfresh deodorant
  • Simple baby wipes
  • Superdrug feminine wipes
  • Johnsons baby oil
  • I love... body and hand lotions
  • Rimmel stay matte foundation
  • Dove heat defence range (has the odd silicone here or there but most are water soluble)
  • Aussie take the heat collection (except for the leave) in spray
I do make an exception for silicones when it comes to heat styling as they protect hair from heat damage but most of them in the Aussie and Dove range seem to be water soluble which is great :)

Any products that I review in the future I will mostly be free of these chemicals and if not I will probably mention and have a reason why I'm using them.

I currently feel like throwing out all of the "bad" products I own and starting afresh but that would be very wasteful and I do not have enough money to restock my beauty regime with new products so I guess I will have to wait :(

There are quite a few lush products that look promising but it's important to read the ingredients as I have found that two thirds of the products on their website seem to have sulphates in them :/

Although most "friendly" products can be pricey I think the Naked range is the closest you're gonna get to natural products for a reasonable price. I will definitely be ordering a few things from their range and I think it's worth checking them out if you haven't already xxxx

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