Oops I did it again.....

I went Shopping !!!!! :)

Now I didn't just buy these products alone but I'm sure you don't want to read about the cotton buds, soapboxes and boring hand washes I bought.....

From left to right: Sensodyne toothpaste, Lush sex bomb bath bomb, Lush lettuce face mask, Boots essential curl cream.

Now my reason for buying the Sensodyne toothpaste is that It does not contain SLS therefore I am one more step away from an SLS free lifestyle, I am yet to find a hand wash and it's so annoying because there are so many pretty looking bottles of hand wash out there. I thing I will eventually turn towards some lush soap to supplement hand wash but this would be rather pricey :( 

I think this toothpaste cost me around £2 in Superdrug although I could probably get it cheaper in discount UK if they sold it. I like how it comes it a more personal sized tube. All my beauty and care products are almost separate from the ones my family use so there's no point in me buying family sized toothpaste when it's going to take me forever to use and take up space in my wash bag. Funnily enough the smaller tube was more value for money than the bigger tubes of the same brand.

Next the Bath bomb, XD

This was my first time ever purchasing anything from lush and the shop was practically empty which is worrying since I've heard rumours of my most local one closing down :(. But never the less I was absolutely mesmerized by the smell and presentation of the place when I walked in. It honestly felt like I was in a christmas/gift shop and toystore all at once, It was magical.....

 Even though Easter is over I wanted to have the Easter egg bath bombs simply because it was still April but they stopped selling them so I went for the biggest baddest, (and closest) bath ball I could see. 

The SEX BOMB !!!!
this is definitely are more mature lady's smell which isn't really my thing as I prefer more girly youthful scents even with perfumes. My family however really loved the smell of it. Maybe it will smell different in the bath but this big ol' ball was £3.20. and let me say it was a tremendous effort to breake it up. I had to use a small electric chain saw thing (which I can only describe as something scary out of my dad's toolbox) To cut it in half and then a hammer to break it into more pieces so I could use the bomb more than once. I was rather upset at the pink dust I managed to get everywhere but I managed to recover most of it into the paper bag.

Next the Lettuce Love face mask. 
this was given to me as a free sample and I thought wow I got something for free !!! until I smelt it :(......I think I would've rather not have it because it looks like an ugly green monster was blended and put into a pot. I'm not to keen on the smell either but my sisters rather liked it or didn't notice it. I must have the nose of a hormonal pregnant woman because I am so picky and seem to sense things differently to others. 

Finally the boots essential curl cream
Bought it for £1.29 and as far as I can tell it's pink :) smells decent and has curly friendly ingredients. The tub was not as big as I expected but the consistency seems very thick and after all, £1.29 for a curly friendly product is a pretty good deal to me. I do hope I like it as this is probably my last try at finding a styling product for curls that has CG-friendly ingredients and does the job nicely.

I will be trying out all of these products over the weekend and should have my reviews up soon. <3 

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