Schwarzkopf got2b Guardian Angel Heat Protectant

Well first of all I have to say that this is a snazzy bottle!!!

I don't think i need to explain why I bought this. Obviously I did not want to fry my strands with the flat iron and this was 2 for £4 online so I went for it not even knowing anything about the brand. This was awhile ago when I think these first came out and hadn't reach the store shelves yet. They are now over £4 in Superdrug

The shape of the bottle made it very easy to hold so applying it wasn't too difficult. the main thing that always bugs me about spray bottles is that my hands get wet from handling and the bottle slips out of my hand faster than a sliding penguin. So 2 points for packaging :)

Also it lasts a long time despite the slim appearance.

I have no doubt that it protected my hair but it did not smell pleasant. I think it might have been the alcohol-based ingredients or something else giving it a strong scent. It wasn't horrid but it was too overpowering to me. Also it did not help in the way of combing/detangling or blow-drying. if anything it felt like the product was making the job more difficult.

I also felt like the product was just sitting on my hair and not doing anything else. It was like I could feel it drying but not being absorbed into my hair or nourishing it in any way. I know that's a tall order from a heat protection spray but I just find that the dove heat defence mist protected and nourished at the same time.

So because of the smell and the uncomfortable feeling on my hair I would have to give this one a thumbs down, especially now that it's over £4. I din't even finish my two bottles and ended up giving them to my sisters who love them. Unlike me they are easily pleased!!!

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