Sensodyne Toothpaste

As I am now petrified of all things that contain sulfates/SLS I decide to change the brand of toothpaste that I use.

I tried to take a picture of the ingredients but they were too small.
I am certain though that there are no SLS in this toothpaste.

This one cost around £2 from Superdrug and you get 75ml which for one person is okay but for the entire family is not purse friendly at all. My family of 6 go through an average tube of toothpaste every week or so.

However compared to any other brand this toothpaste has a few benefits that I have not experienced before.

What I noticed immediately was that it didn't sting my tongue!!!! :D lots of points earned there. Sometimes when I brush my teeth with other brands particularly Aquafresh I feel like I might as well of burnt my tongue with a hot curry.

This toothpaste also didn't froth as much which is great because I get so uncomfortable when there's too much and having to spit it out just causes a mess (no innuendo)

With all those benefits this toothpaste still cleaned my teeth well but doesn't leave any minty freshness, which I guess is a bonus if you want to actually be able to taste your breakfast and orange juice in the morning.

I don't have sensitive teeth so I can't really say anything about whether it helped or not in that sense but I would recommend this to anyone who wants a milder toothpaste that's free of SLS.


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