Trip to London: Victoria's secret

 If you live in the Midlands you will know that sometime in march there were lots of train delays because of some surprise snowing that occurred  Because of these delays my mom was given free tickets to London by the network people to make up for the inconvenience. Thus me and a few sidekicks decided to do some shopping in London just in one day.

Baring in mind we live in the West Midlands getting there was no easy task.

My day started at 4:30 in the morning and I groggily got up and started my morning routine with little to no sleep. Because it was so early i din't feel like breakfast so I had to wait until we got all the way there to eat.

We caught a bus into the town centre at 6.15am but when we got to the train station we found out that we could only use London midland trains that stopped at a billion other stations on the way. Those fancy smancy direct virgin trains were out of the option and although the tickets were free I was less than amused about this.

We ended up catching a train at around 6.53  instead of 6.45 to Birmingham and then changed to another train that went from Birmingham to London and stopped at almost 20 other stations along the way. As we went at a slow pace I envied those posh direct virgin trains speeding past us at regular intervals.

We were going so slow that we had enough time to get tired, hungry, and in need of the loo.

If that wasn't enough to get us down the weather wasn't very pretty either but it warmed up throughout the day

This is my cheeky face when I'm taking pictures of people sleeping, I seemed to last a lot longer than my sidekicks :P

When we arrived at london we all made a quick run for the loo and I was shocked to find out that we had to pay to get into the toilets. Who would've thought that having a piddle would cost you 30p !!!!! OUTRAGE!!!!!

After that we got our tube tickets for the day and my sister was appointed captain of the team thus she navigated us to everywhere we needed to go. She was very good at it and had I been there without her I would've got lost.

Our first stop (after going to the loo) was Victoria's Secret however we did not know what to buy and were rather hungry so we backtracked ourselves to Starbucks were we refreshed ourselves with some drinks. I had a large hot chocolate and it was delicioco :)

Whilst we were there we devised a plan of which shops we were going to visit, where and when to have lunch and how long we were going to stay in London.

We went back to Victoria's secret and all of us bought some knickers on a deal for 5 pairs for £20 which considering the brand and the quality of the items was a bloody good deal. I also bought two bra-lets for around £20-25 each. I was under the impression that it was 2 for £24 but that was not the case when I got to the till. I bought them anyway because they were so pretty and I will probably never be able to shop in that store again or in London for a very long time. 

I would put pictures of what I bought in there but I don't think it would be appropriate to put pictures of my panties on the internet :) One of the bra-lets was bright sea blue with a bit of mint green on-top and the other was a light mint green that seemed to glitter and shimmer in the light. Both were rather lacey and looked very lovely on.

I can rest assured that I will probably never find anything quite as pretty in any other store or on-line  And not only that but I saw some gorgeous night dresses/gowns and some very glittery bras that made my mouth water. One In particular was almost £200, it was a light dusty pink colour and was adorned with many sequins and other things the shimmered. 

If I was a billionaire I would definitely have a collection of lingerie from Victoria's secret although it would be rather difficult to have any excuse for a panty parade. But it's true that having nice underwear makes a woman confident on the outside (even if she has no one else to admire them)

 I also have to say that their fragrances are lovely and one that caught my eye or should I say nose was a very fruity perfume called Fabulous for £42. It is going straight on my wish list along with many other things

We then made our way to Gilly-Hicks and Hollister which to me is always the worst shopping experience ever. Now I don't mind a shirtless hunk every now and again but it has to be in the right place in the right time, i.e. in a  magazine, on the TV, on a dance stage, in my sexy folder on my laptop, or preferably in my bedroom. But the people there just aren't helpful. One of the staff was a rather talk, dark, and uselessly handsome French guy who couldn't answer our questions about the body sprays. The shop is always dark and overcrowded and I have heard many a story of people buying the wrong item or reading the price wrong because they couldn't see properly.

But I somehow managed to buy a body spray called solana beach. I was originally going for one called crystal cave (or cove idk?) which was very fruity and lovely but when I got home I was not happy to hear my mom say that the one I bought smelled like alcohol so I am rather reluctant to use it :(. Which kind of sucks considering I spent £10 on it. There was a deal of 3 for £24 but two of my sidekicks did not have enough money to pay £8 so me being generous paid more for mine.

We also had a quick browse in lush which I have never had an interest In until a lady demonstrated one of the bath bombs to us and let us smell a face mask that could have passed for a chocolate paste. Thus I was hooked and I have a very long wishlist of bath bombs and soaps I want to try. However my list is not terribly long ans a lot of their products contain sulfates and since I avoid sulfates like the plague it was easy to narrow my choices down. Some of the things in there seem a bit pricey but the fact that I can find almost natural sulfate free cleansers makes them worth it to me, but I'll wait until I try a few before I say anything....

I got these earrings from Top Shop and they were originally a set of three but the third pair were rose gold which I am not a fan of since it blends into my skin tone too much and I didn't like the shape. Thus I gave the pair to one of my sidekicks

I also got this cheeky par of skeletons which I believe are meant to be dancers although they do seem to have different styles

To the left we have a jazzy skeleton, and to the right we have Saturday night fever !! :D

This bracelet is very cute and it was only £1.50, how could I say no !! I love ethnic/cultural jewellery and find it difficult to spot any that don't look tacky but these seem perfectly innocent and somewhat religious.

Walking around London in a silly tight pair of shoes is not a good idea but luckily boots were selling plasters at buy 1 get one half price so I got some normal clear ones and some cushioned ones which were so soft they stopped any chance of my poor heel from forming a blister.

 After almost breaking the bank we finally decided to go home and the train journey back was just as bad if not more unpleasant than the journey there. We were confused as to which coach to be on since the train was going to split at a certain stop. After going through almost every coach we ended up sitting on the floor as there were no seats which made the long, almost 2 hour journey back almost unbearable.

One of my sidekicks however was still comfortable enough to fall asleep

Hehe :) xxxx

Hope you enjoyed reading this and if you're ever think of going to London be sure to book tickets in advance. It might seem like more hassle but it'll be much easier in the long run.

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