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Left to right: different strokes serum, blow dry cream, shampoo, conditioner, curl activator cream , and 30 second curl spray

This brand had been around for a while and I've probably seen it in stores for around a year but it's only recently that I've decided to pay attention to it. I was browsing superdrug online as you do and all of these products except the shampoo and conditioner were on offer for 99p each. They're usual price is 1.99 each which isn't bad but you can still get all of these in discount uk for 99p except for the 30 second curl spray. So these products are pretty darn cheap. 

Up until seeing these products on offer I had ignored the brand and cast it off as a poor attempt a Caucasian business man is trying to pull to be a part of the curl revelation going on these days. Little did I know that the man who created this line is a man of colour who has carefully spent years trying to create products that will work for almost any curl but specifically mixed raced crurlies. 

I guess I wasn't sold by the packaging as the cartoon girl just doesn't look very realistic. Had she been designed with brown eyes and a broader nose I may have been more likely to try the products sooner. You just don't come across people of that skin tone with those eyes very often so guess my subconscious was telling me no because she didn't look anything like me or any other mixed girls I've ever seen.

Anyways back to the actual stuff inside the bottles. I didn't bother trying the shampoo because it had sulphates in it therefore I was not interested. When using these products my first impression was WOW I cannot believe products as cheap as these can get my curls poppin' like this !!!! but That was only after using the cream and the spray. Everything else in this line is a different story.

None of the products gave any moisture to my hair. ABSOLUTELY NONE OF THEM !!!!
to which I was very displeased. The smell is very fruity and is more suited towards little kids but the scent fades quickly. There are barely any natural ingredients in these products  which are full of chemicals I can't even understand and I did A-level chemistry !!! 

let me break down what I did and didn't like about each product to give a more detailed picture

The conditioner
  • Slippery, which is probably good for detangling but to be honest I hate slip
  • does not absorb into my hair and does nothing in any way of nourishing/moisturising
  • After rinsing this out my hair does most feel as smooth compared to other conditioners I have tried
  • Does not feel very high quality and looking at the ingredients I'm not surprised
The blow drying crème
  • Smells like nail polish (very strongly)
  • Smooths down my curls for when I want to keep them curly but it feels very sticky
  • As for blowdrying straight it did not do anything to help
The serum
  • after straightening it gives my hair shine for about and it goes dull again after swished it round a bit
  • very thick and sticky and difficult to work with I have put it in wet hair curly hair and straight hair and to be honest it just makes my hair less manageable
The Curl activator cream
  • THE BEST STYLER EVER......nothing has ever defined or made my curls look as lovely as they are with this product. I honestly think the creator of this line has performed a miracle with this one but there are a few tiny teeny weeny few issues which I have solved simply by the way I use the product
  • After washing and putting in the 30 second curl spray or a leave in conditioner spray, I quickly smooth my hair with this cream whilst it is still damp. If I leave it to air dry it can seem a bit crunchy but that goes away after a few hour or with the use of a diffuser.
  • If I diffuse until my hair just the slightest bit damp then the remaining water seems to get rid of the crunch and soften my curls.
The 30 second curl spray
  • I think it should've been called the 60 second curl spray but regardless of what state my hair is in I know I can use this spry and the activator ream to get perfect curls whether it's second day, third day or fifth day hair.
  • This spray Is good as a leave in or a quick pick me up when my curls need a boost of life
  • I think this spray moisturises my hair a little but not by much
over all I think that most of these products are just packed with silicones and chemicals that coat my curls into a perfect mould rather that actually nourishing them.

I am yet to try the actual leave in conditioner an the thermal heat protector of this range but since they are not available to buy in the UK at a low price I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for them.

The only things I would repurchase are the 30 second curl spray and the curl activator cream because when used together they are like the curl miracle I have been waiting for. I can get decent curls with these two every time and all of the products from this range Have UV filters which is an added bonus as my precious locks can now be protected from the sun :). If these two particular products had more natural ingredients and were more moisturising then I would actually consider them to be the perfect curl products but that is not the case so they only hold a place as my favourite stylers.

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