Vaseline cocoa radiant lotion

I've never been interested in Vaseline too much until decided to sniff a bottle of this purely out of curiosity.  I almost overdosed on the chocolatey scent and decided I couldn't live without trying some of this cocoa goodness.

So how did it fair?

It wasn't too sticky like some products I have tried in the past but I still found it difficult to get a pair of leggings on. Not as absorbent as the Garnier 7 day lotion which I would put at a 4.5 out of 5. Therefore I give this product 3 out of  5 on absorbing into my skin.

It is definitely a rich creamy moisturiser but not as heavy as a night cream or body butter. Me and body butters don't get along very well :( but this one was just rich enough for me. You see, although my skin is usually dry and dusty it  has a hard time absorbing anything even water!! So anything too rich will just sit on top or end up on my clothes instead.

As for making my skin look radiant I can't really say whether it did any of that. My skin is naturally quite shiny as well as my hair. Immediately after application I do notice my legs start to behave like mirrors and reflect things here and there but hours later there is no such radiance to be seen. Although I must say that my skin is now exceptionally smooth and soft which is difficult to achieve when your legs are dryer than the sahara desert (maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration)

For £4.69 this moisturiser may seem a bit pricey but I have only used this product twice and the 400ml tube looks like it's going to last me for a good while. If you only use moisturisers after bathing/showering like me then it will possibly be 2 months until I investigate another brand. If however your interested in buying this I would hurry if I were you because this 400ml tube is now on offer in Superdrug for less than £3 which is another total slap in the face for me. I always seem to be buying products before they go on offer.

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