31 May 2013

Ice cream, you scream !!!

Oh yes, I'm gonna write a review about ice-cream and I have no shame in showing everyone how I get my muffin top :) I also have a food baby that pops out every now and again which I have decided to name Akiva, Yes it's a boy but I'm going to do my best make it dissappear before I go on holiday.

With the help of my little sister I decided to conduct some research on Ice-cream, particularly the ones that come In personal tubs like these. The Oreo tub was on offer for £2 usually £3, the base price of the Asda Choc Fudge brownie was £2 and The base price of the Ben & Jerries was £4.50 (or something ridiculous like that) howver I bought it on offer for £3.50. There was also some Haagen Dazs Ice-cream on offer for £3 but I find those too creamy so I left that out of the experiment. All the tubs are around the same volume so I guess the Asda brand gives you more Ice-cream for your money.

What I like about these tubs is that you can take the entire thing out of the freezer and eat straight from the tub infront of the TV. You can't do that with a big 2Litre tub and then there's the added proboem of washing up your ice cream bowl or fiddling around with a bloody cone. These tubs make life easy for the lazy kind like myself. Also they're small enough to be personal if you're feeling greedy but big enough to share. I always find that Ice-cream tastes better when shared but that's probably because of the competition for spoonfuls.

I decided to compare the Asda Choch Fudge brownie to that of the Ben & Jerries and see wether the Asda one matched up to the ben&Jerries. Unfortunately it didn't meet the same level and was rather a dissappointment for £2. The Ben&Jerries was much richer, thicker and the fudge peices were just.....more fudgy if you know what I mean. The Asda Fudge peices didn't feel like real fudge and the ice-cream was more soft and creamy in comparison, and would possibly melt faster. Not good if your watching a movie and find you have a tub of creamy brown liquid before you're even part way through The Little Mermaid. 

For £2 I would rather buy a 2litre tub of cheap choclate chip mint or a 1Litre tube of "extra special" double choc chip ice-cream from Aldi Which is almost as rich and thick as the Ben&Jerries and has huge chochlate chunks, (not just choc chips...CHUNKS !!!).

I barely remember the Oreo ice-cream because I was too busy haveing a mouthgasm with the Ben&Jerries. It tasted like Oreos, and was thick like the Ben&Jerries so it was good quality but I prefer to have as much chocolate as possible. I guess The Oreo flavour would be a good refreshment Ice-cream instead of a luxurious treat.

Over all The Ben&Jerries Triumphs over all however for £4.50 I would be very reluctant to buy it but would be happy have a tub for £3.50. The new "explore the core" Ben&Jerries tubs were on offer for £2.50  in Asda which seems like a marvelous deal but I have tried these before and found the sticky rich core to be too rich and almost sickly. But If you know you like it then get your trolly to the frozen aile and get some while they're still on offer!!!


30 May 2013

Organic toothpaste !!! What !!??!!

Yes I know it sounds strange and totally crazy but I thought I would try some.

Its also fluoride free which I thought would be a benefit for people who are exposed to too much fluoride. I live In an area where fluoride is deliberately put into public water to improve the condition of teeth however too much of it can be toxic.

The ingredients are all natural, no preservatives just natural antibacterials

You may think that because it's all natural it's not as effective as normal toothpaste because it doesn't look/smell the same but I can tell you It cleans my teeth better than the sensodyne toothpaste which is supposed to be mild but still leaves a bit of that furry feeling near the gums on my teeth. This toothpaste does the job however Im not sure about the whitening part as I've only been using it for almost a week and it's probbaly too early to tell. 

I must warn though that the paste is not stark white, it's kind of an off white cream beige and it smells quite herbal/pepperminty. However when I'm brushing with it I can barely taste anything but I still keep it away from my tongue just incase. Also, I don't get any of that weird taste in my mouth when I'm eating my ceral or having orange juice in the morning as with regular toothpastes, extra points won there. it foams up just like a regular toothpaste but is more creammy than bubbly/foamy

If your looking for ways to have a more natural lifestyle (in terms of personal products) then thismay be worth a try. It's really good and suprised me so much as I didn't expect it to work so well without making me wretch. I can't say anything bad about it this toothpaste at all. The peppermint lingers ever so slightly but is gone by the time I've had my coco pops :) 

The tube I bought was 29g for £2.00 however you can get a bigger 170g tube for £5

I know seems alot for a toothpaste but You only need a teeny weeny pea size amount to do the job and natural products do tend to be more pricey anyway.

link here, they do free delivery to the UK and sell sooo many other organic products if your interested:


29 May 2013

A Curlspiration to us all

I think everyone and anyone should read this and watch Shameless Maya's videos

Shameless Maya has done what I would never have the courage to do and I think her message is one everyone should listen to.

I could never shave all my hair off but thanks to Maya I've learnt not to obsess over it.......

as much

This woman takes her outer beauty and slaps it in the face with her inner beauty!!!!.... and then she slaps the rest of you with it too!!!

If you are a product junkie, unhappy with your hair or even unhappy with anything else that makes up your exterior beauty......... This slap will be like a blessing to you.

It really makes me think about what I really want to be writing on this blog. I don't want to talk about beauty and my Hair forever. It's just a phase that will pass once I'm satisfied that I have everything I need in a suitable regime.

hair is something that needs to be looked after and maintained. Not pampered at every given moment. It's like the boundaries between caring and smothering are unclear. I like to think I'm getting close to having the right balance. And if you haven't seen the video where she buzzes her hair off go see it on youtube!!!!

he doesn't just shave it to a teeny weeny faux hauk or a TWA. She goes practically bald and still looks just as beautiful as she did before if not more.

Pretty hair and make up doesn't make you beautiful. But a strong soul can make anyone gorgeous.

I feel like a hypocrite saying this but If one single person reads this, watches the video and is changed for good then my teeny weeny blog with no followers will have served a purpose.....

.....be strong and resist the temptations of product junkism, curl envy, and vanity in general.

p.s. ...... please follow me on bloglovin or GFC

Thanks for readin'  :)


26 May 2013

Won't be buying these again.....

Before I start hating on a few products I want to mention that has 

I have recently come across another cosmetic ingredient to put on my blacklist:


This one has caused me a great deal of hassle as most of the products that I thought were safe contain this ingredient. Phenoxyethanol is a preservative that is being used as a substitute for parabens however this one has also been shown to be carcinogenic in a few studies. I can't say for definite whether this is true but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Besides most of the products that I am now using are the best I've come across thanks to cutting out all the synthetic crap. It's pretty much got to the point were most of my products are natural/organic.

Little angels eco baby oil is essentially sesame seed oil with two other ingredients. I thought this would be a good substitution for baby oil which is essentially mineral oil that is known to cause build up. This eco baby oil did absorb into my skin a little better but still sat on top and seemed greasy. I tried it on my hair whilst it was straight and it didn't do anything. I then tried to remove my make up with it as I usually do with baby oil however it stung my eyes so much I had to wash it off straight away. Over all this oil could not serve any purpose for me, not even for detangling. 

So down the sink it went......

Palmer's coconut oil formula conditioner £2.99 from the hair store but there is an olive oil version in Superdrug. I initially like this one, the ingredients were CG friendly and I loved the coconut smell. However that was it as far as the good points go.  The first disappointment was that it contained phenoxyethanol so there was no way I was going to repurchase this one anyway. It did not sow any benefit towards my hair in fact I think my hair was drier and less manageable after using this. And to top it off My family all hated the smell  even though I liked it. If it's three people against one, odds are that no one else in the world is going to like it. I would rather not risk smelling like a "pet shop", as my sister would describe it, to any potential mates out there or to anyone else for that matter.

Here's the ingredients If you fancy a read. Phenoxyethanol is in the bottom right.

This one was such a disappointment because it cost me over £3 and for a leave in spray that's a lot for me as I go through them like there's no tomorrow. I had such high hopes for this as it was one of a few products that did not contain phenoxyethanol. Not only was it sticky on my hair but it smelt absolutely horrid and way too over-powering. I just couldn't take it any more so it's now sitting in my reject box waiting for the day that I run out and cannot afford to buy more leave in conditioner or something to detangle with.

Naked untangle me spray. I really hoped this would be a good one as it was completely CG friendly and free from other toxicchemicals. However its detangling power is not as good as the Johnson's conditioner spray or the little angels leave in. This spray left my hair sticky, crunchy and absolutely wreaked of oranges. And not just a faint orangey citrus smell. It was like someone had grated orange zest or peals onto my head and it was just too strong of a smell. For £2.99 this is not worth it unless I desperately want to smell like an orange and attract all the biting insects in town.

23 May 2013

Tangle Teezers

The first time I became aware of the tangle teezer was by watching someone's haul on youtube.
The girl using it bought the exact same purple glittery one I've shown below and I totally fell in love just because of how pretty it looked. 

The tangle teezer is basically a brush and comb in one and doesn't damage the hair as much as a normal comb. It's supposed to brush out hair that has been shed naturally and reduce frizz.

After getting over my lust for this pretty little purple thing I realised that the girl on youtube was Caucasian with reasonably straight hair so I assumed that there was no way this comb would work on my little ringlets, even in the shower. I did think that it would be good to have for flat ironed hair but I wasn't about to spend about £10 on a comb I would only use a few times a year. To be honest I just wasn't convinced.

Boy I was wrong

A while after seeing that video I came across a curly girl on youtube using the tangle teezer in her curly hair routine video and...... I .....went.......NUTS !!!!! This girl had even curlier and thicker hair than mine and if it worked for her it would definitely work for me.

I also tried searching for a review on the tangle teezer and came across a blog of a mother who used it to detangle her daughter's kinky curly hair after washing. She did a comparison by detangling half her daughters hair with a wide tooth comb and half with the tangle teezer. The little girl's curls were more defined after using the tangle teezer than using a wide tooth comb and the product was distributed more evenly. Link here if you don't believe me:

Sooo I put the tangle teezer at the top of my shopping list and put it out of my mind.....

Until I was browsing on asos and saw the shower version of the tangle teezer. Asos has free delivery and 10% student discount so naturally I ordered it at 4am in the morning. The purple one I ordered from a different website.

I love the packaging seems very professional but the opaque corner annoyed me to no end as I couldn't see all of the brush.

Here's what the teeth look like. This brush is basically a pretty piece of plastic BUT....the teeth are flexible and detangle on a much smaller more precise scale. I think it's just a matter of the design and shape that sets it apart from other combs and brushes. 

Wherever you apply this brush the teeth at the bottom rows will detangle before the tangles being combed at the top have a chance to knot with the tangles at the bottom. To put it simply, having multiple rows of teeth make it much easier, smoother and quicker to use that a typical comb with one row of teeth. Also the teeth are of different lengths so the long teeth penetrate the hair for deeper tangles and the shorter teeth smooth the top layer too. This great for those with thick hair like myself.

In the packaging, which you may be able to see at the back of the boxes, are these cards with the GB flag on the front. This is because the Tangle teezer is a British product designed by a British hairstylist. This just makes me so proud of the fact that we've produced such a fantastic product and makes me happy to use something that hasn't been flown over from the far corners of the world and wasting air miles.

The card has some information on the tangle teezer and explains everything I just said and even says it's for all hair types. Even the description on amazon said that the tangle teezer could be used on straight to afro hair and even weaves or wigs!!!

I also got the water version which can be used in the shower or basically on wet hair. The only difference between this and the original is that this one is easier to hold with wet hands and so far I've only dropped it once after using it a few times. Also it stands up by it'self which is very cool if you want to set it down to do something else in the shower. 

You can get this in black or pink but I for some reason thought the pink would be tacky but I'm now regretting it as I really want my hair accessories to be as girly as possible. It does however match my blue shower comb. My travel accessories are mostly pink and purple so maybe I will by the pink one just to keep in my travel bag....

....any excuse to buy more things :D

So........the verdict

These tangle teezers are amazing and I think every girl should own one. They detangle my easier than any other comb or even finger detangling. They also distribute any product or conditioner evenly throughout the hair and smooth down frizz. The tangle teezers even define and de-frizz my curls in a way that would have took a considerable amount of curl cream to do. This makes them even more value for money and I feel as though I don't even need a styler to get my curls to work for me.

To put it simply these combs are like magic and I still managed to buy both for under £10 each. If I somehow knew how good these were before trying one I would totally be prepared to spend twice the amount of money for one of these. That's how good they are. I seriously don't understand how they work and I'm a science student, I swear there's some witchcraft infused into these brushes. It took me a while to create a hypothesis on how those teeny weeny teeth detangle my hair better than any wide tooth comb

If you don't own one, go get one!!!! you can get the original in so many different colours, blue, pink, orange, green. There are also ones with a cover so you can protect those little teeth. These brushes are literally worth every penny and more and save so much time in my hair routine!!


18 May 2013

Kanechom Leave in styling cream

What's this??? oh....yet another hair product that matches my bedroom décor??

something fishy is going on here especially since I have somewhat fallen in love with this product.

So far this is the only styler I have found that is CG friendly and cost 3.49 from the hair supply store.

It also contains keratin and Argan oil. The keratin is meant to protect the hair from wear and tear. There were other stylers of the same brand that were essentially the same product but with olive oil or some other fancy ingredient instead. But I went for the Argan oil one and was totally won over by the smell (which unfortunately does not linger)

It feels very smooth and creamy and does a good job at smoothing down my hair. It didn't take much of the product to cover my whole head so I hope it will last a while


I put a small amount In my hair after using my leave in conditioner and I let it air dry.
My curls were not crunchy and they were reasonably defined at the bottom however there is still a bit of frizz on top.

According to the brand website their stylers are meant to protect from the sun as well. If that's the case then extra brownie points for this styler which means I can also take it on holiday.

Overall this is a good product but it didn't define my curls as well as the boots curl cream. Maybe If I smoothed it down my hair in smaller sections I would have got better results but for a quick regime it's reasonable.


17 May 2013

Johnson's baby moisture rich bath

Sooooo I was on the ASDA groceries website......

Lol I'm just kidding but I did see this on the website and bought it a few days ago.

I was on the hunt for a sulphate free body washes, bubble baths etc and this seemed to fit the bill....

Cost £1.25 for 400ml which may seem like a good deal but I am the type of person who will pour the whole bottle in to get the most bubbles possible. I think I may have used too much but If you're more conservative with your products then you will find this great value for money.

The directions say use two squirts, me I use a handful of the stuff which is a creamy milky liquid that feels very gentle and almost as moisturising as the Dove hand washes. It creates plenty of enough bubbles which last as long as any other brand of bubble bath I have used

When I got out of the bath my skin was not dry and flaky like it used to be when I used sulphate based washes but It still needed some additional moisture.

I don't know if you can see the ingredients, you may have to enlarge the picture but there are no sulphates silicones or parabens for that matter.

Compared to the Johnson's 2in1 body wash and bubble bath this product is more gentle and moisturising however I think I will continue to use both and maybe keep the 2in1 for showering.


16 May 2013

Johnson's conditioner spray

I think this should be my opening for all my blog posts:

"Soooo I was on the ASDA groceries website when I stumbled across this...[insert product]"

Johnson's baby spray conditioner, £1.50 from...you guessed it...ASDA!!

Well It definitely blends in with my bedroom décor which is would be a bonus if I was going to keep repurchasing this product. This is basically a de-tangling spray which does an absolutely fantastic job at de-tangling and was very conditioning. Usually my curly hair is a nightmare to de-tangle without getting into the shower but this spray made the job easy breezy and I could feel the slipperiness of the conditioner as opposed to using just water which doesn't really de-tangle and doesn't rehydrate my hair very well. I could probably restyle my hair and freshen the curls up with this without having to wash. That means skipping a wash and avoiding the damage that over-wetting can do. 

Ingredients are CG friendly, nuff said along those lines.

My only problem is the scent. And again I am rejecting a product because of it's smell. Is it too much to ask to help a girl smell nice???

I guess so....

This spray doesn't actually smell like a swimming pool but it's somewhere along those lines and to be honest, I'm not a fan of smelling like a public pool. However My little angels leave in conditioner still overpowers this one even though I used it the day before. I'm not sure if the scent of this product lingers in my hair or not but it does leave my curls soft and redefined.

I should probably test whether the little angels leave in conditioner is as good as de-tangling. If it is then I have no need for this product and in fact the little angels spray is 5p cheaper! Every little helps lol.

Hold on.......

Just sniffing my hair......

(.......weird snuffling noises.....)

Nope it does not linger and is totally overpowered by the little angels leave in conditioner and my Loreal Elvive night serum.

Overall this is a fantastic detangler but I am quite still wary of the scent.

If the little angles leave in doesn't de-tangle as well as this product does then I will continue to buy this.

Whether it is good value for money I do not know. It took a third of the bottle to do my whole head of hair but I did totally drench it in the stuff. Maybe I should wet it first then use this spray. It was very slippery as I could feel lots of the conditioner. I imagine less would be needed for looser curl patterns.


14 May 2013

Too many of a few new things

I'm not even going to show you what I've hauled over the past few days and it's too complicated to get into detail.

Yet again I have managed to somehow buy another hair oil moisturiser that is not CG friendly so it's sitting in the reject box. I really should read the ingredients more thoroughly.

At the moment my purple box of hair goodies has now been refilled with stuff I want to try out and I still haven't bought everything on my product junkie list.

But for now here are a few new things that I have bought in the past two days:

The first one is totally unrelated to beauty, in fact too much of it might have a negative effect on your outer beauty but it's what's on the inside that counts right ??

And right now the inside is looking very good indeed  :) very good in a chocolatey crunchy way :P

I was a little skeptical at first but it was like a romantic rediscovery in my mouth when I realised it tasted EXACTLY like regular malteasers.

Look at all that crunchiness, I will definitely be buying some again and if you haven't tried it and you love malteasers your tongue is missing out on the time of it's life. I always find that there is too much of the biscuit in regular malteasers but this has more chocolate with little bits of biscuit. Just perfect

Now onto some actual products.....

Below are a few things I was able to try immediately after buying. I have bought other stuff but I will be reviewing those in the future.

I Love.... Mango and papaya hand lotion.

I first discovered the I love... brand when I was given the raspberry and blackberry body butter off an aunty.  I then stumbled across the matching hand lotion. shower gel and lip balm. And thus began my fetish for having all the matching products in a particular range. It took a few months for me to decide that I didn't actually like the smell of raspberry and blackberry. I then tried the coconut shower cream thinking the coconut oil would do something dramatic to my skin but it didn't. 

I kept lusting after the mango an papaya after sniffing it in the store (yes I do that, I know it's weird) and after going through the strawberries and cream scent (which is my favourite) as well as the lemons and limes (which I didn't like) I finally bought some. And to be honest. it smells nice but isn't very strong. The strawberries and cream is far superior on scent and just caresses my senses.  Unfortunately the hand creams a and lip balms/glosses are the only products in this range that don't contain ingredients on my blacklist however they do contain mineral oil which is a bit of a bummer but I don't really mind it on my body

Contains coconut oil and shea butter extract which is probably why these are the best hand creams I've ever tried and also why I keep coming back to them. For £2 in Superdrug they are a good bargain and last for ages.

Now these are much more like lip balms than lip butters but these feel very natural on my lips. The smell soooo good and even taste nice!!! They look very natural on my lips and don't feel too greasy They rival with my blistex lip brilliance lip balm which also smells and tastes amazing. The only difference is that my blistex lip balm tastes slightly better (although you shouldn't really be eating your lip balms) and also has SPF15 and a bit of shimmer so I think it still holds 1st place. If I wanted to moisturise my lips without the shimmer I would totally go for these. This little box is usually £5 in asda but I saw it for £3 and since it had been on my wish list for a while I just had to have it. Even for £5 these are still amazing.

I now have a lip balm in each bag and one in my room for when I'm at home :)

This is the back of the mango lip butter but the ingredients are pretty much the same for each flavour. Ingredients are mostly natural and look very nourishing. Also paraben free!!! :)

I was on the hunt for baby wipes with friendly ingredients and found this on the ASDA grocerie website. The description said it had a fruity fragrence and when I saw it for 77p There was no going back.


I don't think I ever want to use any other type of baby wipes because these are the bomb!!!  

They smell great, remove my make-up and are the only wipes I have ever come across that don't leave my face feeling tight and dry. Also the fact that it has a lid is a bonus since the wipes are less likely to dry out.

Ingredients are safe and it also contains aloe vera :) for 77p these wipes are like a gift that slipped out of the angels hands and fell from heaven to the bottom shelf of the baby section in ASDA.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and found it somewhat interesting :)

If you are going to buy some of those malteaser bars be sure to share some and spread some of that chocolatey chrunchy goodness <3


12 May 2013

Straightening my hair with a few new things

I decided that there were way too many single stranded knots (SSK) in my hair and it needed trimming. The easiest way I can trim my hair is by first straightening it as this makes it easier to find all the knots and split ends. Curly hair disguises bad ends and makes it difficult to single them out from other strands. I hunt down the bad ends and cut them off as I am flat ironing it sections as this makes it even easier to find them.

I have officially fallen in Love with hot air strylers and will never go back to using a regular hair dryer and brush. This wonderful device lets me do the job with one hand free (well I use the free hand to hold the ends and pull on the hair to create tension). 

It does such a good job at getting my hair straight and dry and even gets to the roots better than using the old fashioned method. The only problem is that it only has two speed settings and may be a little bit too hot on the hair. Also I think there could be more bristles so it separates the strands better and would therefore straighten them better. 

It's sooooo much quicker than using a regular hair hair dryer and I think everyone should own one of these unless you are one of those heat free types. I guess you could buy one with a cold setting???

This particular babyliss hot air styler was given to my mom who wasn't interested in it so she gave it to me who lent it to my sister as she was straightening her hair and I was yet to try it. My sister has now decided to keep it and not give it me back but no matter,..... I will be buying one for myself which will hopefully be much better and you'll see me review it sometime in the future.

But before I can think of putting any heat on my hair I always use a heat protectant.....

This little bottle is a teeny version of the well known Tresemme heat defence styling spray and costs £1.50 for 60ml from Superdrug. I think I used just over half of the bottle and I have thick hair so considering it is travel size it is good value for money.

This bottle is just so cute I can use it with just one hand so it's really easy to hold. I've always had problems with spray bottles as I use my hands to smooth the product down which gets them wet so the bottle always slips out of my hand.

This is also probably the nicest smelling heat protectant I have ever come across. All the others have a slightly over powering chemical scent that's really unfriendly towards my nose. Not only does it smell nice but I think it helped to moisturise my hair as well. Even after letting my leave in conditioner soak in over night my hair was slightly dry but this helped give a bit more moisture however, not very much.

(also the ingredients are CG friendly)

Now the most important thing I wanted to talk about in this post is this new oil that I bought off Amazon.

I have been reading online and on curly hair websites that grapeseed oil is great for naturally protecting hair from heat. It has smoke point (I think this means boiling point) of around 216 degrees Celsius however any heat applied above that temperature and the oil is useless so you'll essentially be deep frying your hair.

It cost me around £1.50 for 100ml but I had to pay £1.45 or something like that for delivery, but even so I still think it was worth it. It barely has a scent which is great because my problem with most oils is that they have this common scent that annoys me to no end and smells wretched. This oil still has that common scent but it is very faint and I think my leave in conditioner still over-powers it.

As for protecting my hair It felt the same as silicone based serum only more natural as if I was coating my hair in the natural oils that come out of my scalp. It isn't as runny as coconut oil but isn't as thick as castor oil either so it's just the right consistency. Although I think I applied too much as my hair looked somewhat greasy when I had finished flat ironing. However there was no burnt hair smell and no extra split ends. I am hoping some of the oil will be absorbed overnight so it doesn't look greasy the next day. This was definitely the case when I used coconut oil.

I did notice that there was a bit of residue on my flat iron which resembles the residue of most serums that I use. I think this was the oil which shows that it works just as well as a serum if not better since it is natural.

I usually use my flat iron at 190-210 degrees Celsius but because of the oil's smoke point being so close to temperatures I usually use I decided to tone down the heat to 180 degrees. I believe this only worked well because I had the help of the hot air styler which did a considerable amount of straightening for me so I had less work to do with the flat iron. Also I think the products I used helped greatly.

Here Is a step by step guide of what I did:
  1. Wash with a sulphate free shampoo (this only works if you're doing the CG method otherwise you may to use a sulphate based shampoo to remove build-up)
  2. Deep condition for hours and hours and hours until I felt like rinsing it out
  3. Towel dry with microfibre towel
  4. Apply leave in conditioner in sections and keep hair in two braids over night
  5. Apply Tresemme heat defence spray in sections (it will soak in by the time you've done the other half)
  6. Apply grape seed oil in sections by smoothing it down the hair. Start from ends and work your way up, you only need  teeny weeny drop for each section but it depends on how big your hair is or your sections.
  7. Blow-dry straight using a handy dandy hot air styler
  8. Flat iron and snip out bad ends as I'm going along.
  9. Give my hair an over all trim

Note* I always kept my hair detangled at all stages to prevent any dry knots or any curls from forming.

If you've read my recent post about uneven hair growth you will know that I had a bit of a problem with uneven hair. The left side was longer and thicker than the right side so I tried to trim the left side (whilst it was still curly) but after straightening my hair I had realised the big mistake I had made. I had some how made my left side SHORTER !! than the right side !!!! :'(

This is so heartbreaking even more so to know it's my own fault. Oh why am I such and idiot. My right side looked sooo long compared to that last time I had my hair straight. That means it's grown so much in such a short period of time but now I'm back to the same length if not shorter. At this rate it seems like my hair will never get to my desired length, but at least I know it can grow fast.

If I look on the bright side my hair is now thick  and even on both sides and I have probably evened my layers out. I'm hoping to grow them out completely so my hair is all the same length. I really do hate layers they make my hair way too big and it has enough volume as it is. Also my left side may catch up since it like to grow quicker. curse you uneven hair growth curse you!!!!! :'(

It is currently just above bra strap length (BSL) but before I used my amazing cutting skills it was below BSL. I also found it difficult to cut the bad ends closer to my scalp since my field of vision will only go so fair.

I really need a curly hair stylist... I don't even care any more. I think I cant trust anyone more than myself at this point :'(

I hope you found this post useful but if you are considering buying a hot air styler please make sure the barrel is ceramic as this heats up evenly. I have no idea if the one I used was ceramic and I have a feeling it wasn't but take the time to read reviews and do some research about them to see if you really want to buy one. If you want to straighten a few waves or calm down your curl pattern a little then this is a perfect and quick way to do it but requires heat. Also different barrel sizes work for different hair types and make sure the one you buy has a cool shot or cool setting so you can control the heat.


A few new things

If you've read my review on the naked shine range you're probably wondering what this is doing here again.

Well I think it deserved a re-review because after continuing to use this conditioner I started to really feel the effects.

I still haven't noticed any more moisture in my hair but I put that down to my moisture robbing cotton pillowcase.

this conditioner honestly made my hair noticeably shinier without the help of the shampoo or the wretched serum that is also in the shine range. It works fine for co-washing and deep conditioning though I don't think it has any nutritional benefits to my hair other than giving it some lustre.

I would definitely repurchase this if I felt my curls were looking a bit dull and need some sparkle

The ingredients are perfectly CG friendly and although the scent is not feminine or particularly nice it doesn't linger too much and is masked by my leave-in conditioner anyway which I will rave about in 5......4.....3....2.....1.........

.......OMG this stuff should be called little devils not little angels because it must be a sin to have a leave in conditioner that works so well for £1.45 (200ml....and it's pink!). 

This heavenly bottle of greatness feels so smooth and silky when I'm applying it to my hair and smells pretty good too but is slightly overpowering. I swear this leave-in conditioner makes my hair so soft and silky I just couldn't help but touch it.

Again the ingredients are perfectly CG friendly and contains oat extracts. I love this stuff and used it conjunction with the next product I'm going to mention.........

This caught my eye as I was strolling 'round discount UK which should probably be called discontinued UK since they don't seem to stock one particular product for an extended/permanent period of time. 

This products is the L'oreal Elvive Re-Nutrition Night serum which I beleive was £1.99. It has a creamy/jelly consistency and feels gorgeous when I rub it in my hands and hair. It's CG friendly, defines my curls and doesn't make my hair crunchy. I use this after I apply my leave-in to seal in the moisture and I honestly think that this also helped to make my curls so very soft and silky.

The only fault I can think of which is such a let down is the scent.

I don't know whether I'm exaggerating here but it is comparable to that of cat food. I don't really know since I don't own a cat but my granddad does and that was my first thought when I sniffed it. It could be the key ingredient (royal jelly) which I have found in other products I did not like the smell of.

If it wasn't for the smell I would have no need to continue my search for a moisturiser/styler but alas, my journey continues.....