A Curlspiration to us all

I think everyone and anyone should read this and watch Shameless Maya's videos

Shameless Maya has done what I would never have the courage to do and I think her message is one everyone should listen to.

I could never shave all my hair off but thanks to Maya I've learnt not to obsess over it.......

as much

This woman takes her outer beauty and slaps it in the face with her inner beauty!!!!.... and then she slaps the rest of you with it too!!!

If you are a product junkie, unhappy with your hair or even unhappy with anything else that makes up your exterior beauty......... This slap will be like a blessing to you.

It really makes me think about what I really want to be writing on this blog. I don't want to talk about beauty and my Hair forever. It's just a phase that will pass once I'm satisfied that I have everything I need in a suitable regime.

hair is something that needs to be looked after and maintained. Not pampered at every given moment. It's like the boundaries between caring and smothering are unclear. I like to think I'm getting close to having the right balance. And if you haven't seen the video where she buzzes her hair off go see it on youtube!!!!

he doesn't just shave it to a teeny weeny faux hauk or a TWA. She goes practically bald and still looks just as beautiful as she did before if not more.

Pretty hair and make up doesn't make you beautiful. But a strong soul can make anyone gorgeous.

I feel like a hypocrite saying this but If one single person reads this, watches the video and is changed for good then my teeny weeny blog with no followers will have served a purpose.....

.....be strong and resist the temptations of product junkism, curl envy, and vanity in general.

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Thanks for readin'  :)


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