A few new things

If you've read my review on the naked shine range you're probably wondering what this is doing here again.

Well I think it deserved a re-review because after continuing to use this conditioner I started to really feel the effects.

I still haven't noticed any more moisture in my hair but I put that down to my moisture robbing cotton pillowcase.

this conditioner honestly made my hair noticeably shinier without the help of the shampoo or the wretched serum that is also in the shine range. It works fine for co-washing and deep conditioning though I don't think it has any nutritional benefits to my hair other than giving it some lustre.

I would definitely repurchase this if I felt my curls were looking a bit dull and need some sparkle

The ingredients are perfectly CG friendly and although the scent is not feminine or particularly nice it doesn't linger too much and is masked by my leave-in conditioner anyway which I will rave about in 5......4.....3....2.....1.........

.......OMG this stuff should be called little devils not little angels because it must be a sin to have a leave in conditioner that works so well for £1.45 (200ml....and it's pink!). 

This heavenly bottle of greatness feels so smooth and silky when I'm applying it to my hair and smells pretty good too but is slightly overpowering. I swear this leave-in conditioner makes my hair so soft and silky I just couldn't help but touch it.

Again the ingredients are perfectly CG friendly and contains oat extracts. I love this stuff and used it conjunction with the next product I'm going to mention.........

This caught my eye as I was strolling 'round discount UK which should probably be called discontinued UK since they don't seem to stock one particular product for an extended/permanent period of time. 

This products is the L'oreal Elvive Re-Nutrition Night serum which I beleive was £1.99. It has a creamy/jelly consistency and feels gorgeous when I rub it in my hands and hair. It's CG friendly, defines my curls and doesn't make my hair crunchy. I use this after I apply my leave-in to seal in the moisture and I honestly think that this also helped to make my curls so very soft and silky.

The only fault I can think of which is such a let down is the scent.

I don't know whether I'm exaggerating here but it is comparable to that of cat food. I don't really know since I don't own a cat but my granddad does and that was my first thought when I sniffed it. It could be the key ingredient (royal jelly) which I have found in other products I did not like the smell of.

If it wasn't for the smell I would have no need to continue my search for a moisturiser/styler but alas, my journey continues.....

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