Aussie miracle moist conditioner

I finally got my hands on some!! :) I don't really know where to begin with this one but I guess I'll start with first impressions:

The price:
£1 for this little 75ml tube

The smell: 
absolutely heavenly 

The ingredients:
CG friendly and also has jojoba oil and other lovely things

The texture:
slippery but still quite thick

As for moisturising my hair I'm not sure it did anything special, I can tell when my air is dry but I guess I don't really know what moisturised hair feels like. Regardless of what conditioner I use my hair tends to be dry after the first 24 hours unless I refresh it with something. My hair was slightly softer than usual but wasn't any shinier after using this conditioner. The second time I co-washed I used the Tresemme  salon sleek smooth memory straightening spray as a leave in conditioner. 

I originally bought the spray for straightening thinking it was a heat protection spray with argan oil but then I realised it was only meant to make my hair straighter and I love my curls so I've decided to use it as a leave in conditioner instead. I think that the Tresemme spray added some sine and smoothness which has made me wonder whether I should repurchase it solely as a leave in. 

Anyway, back to the Aussie moist conditioner. A small amount covered my hair pretty well and I got two uses out of the 75ml tube which makes me wonder how many uses I could get out of a full size 250ml bottle (five or six maybe?). The best benefit however, which I have not experienced with any conditioner in my entire life, is that the gorgeous heavenly smell lingered in my hair after washing which totally amazed me. Even after using my leave in an styling products I can still smell a slight hint of that signature scent amongst all Aussie products. For that reason alone I would probably repurchase this conditioner or dilute it and use as a leave-in.

You can get the little tube for a £1 in Poundland or ASDA,
and the full size bottle for £3 in discount UK or bodycare

:) xxx

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