Ice cream, you scream !!!

Oh yes, I'm gonna write a review about ice-cream and I have no shame in showing everyone how I get my muffin top :) I also have a food baby that pops out every now and again which I have decided to name Akiva, Yes it's a boy but I'm going to do my best make it dissappear before I go on holiday.

With the help of my little sister I decided to conduct some research on Ice-cream, particularly the ones that come In personal tubs like these. The Oreo tub was on offer for £2 usually £3, the base price of the Asda Choc Fudge brownie was £2 and The base price of the Ben & Jerries was £4.50 (or something ridiculous like that) howver I bought it on offer for £3.50. There was also some Haagen Dazs Ice-cream on offer for £3 but I find those too creamy so I left that out of the experiment. All the tubs are around the same volume so I guess the Asda brand gives you more Ice-cream for your money.

What I like about these tubs is that you can take the entire thing out of the freezer and eat straight from the tub infront of the TV. You can't do that with a big 2Litre tub and then there's the added proboem of washing up your ice cream bowl or fiddling around with a bloody cone. These tubs make life easy for the lazy kind like myself. Also they're small enough to be personal if you're feeling greedy but big enough to share. I always find that Ice-cream tastes better when shared but that's probably because of the competition for spoonfuls.

I decided to compare the Asda Choch Fudge brownie to that of the Ben & Jerries and see wether the Asda one matched up to the ben&Jerries. Unfortunately it didn't meet the same level and was rather a dissappointment for £2. The Ben&Jerries was much richer, thicker and the fudge peices were just.....more fudgy if you know what I mean. The Asda Fudge peices didn't feel like real fudge and the ice-cream was more soft and creamy in comparison, and would possibly melt faster. Not good if your watching a movie and find you have a tub of creamy brown liquid before you're even part way through The Little Mermaid. 

For £2 I would rather buy a 2litre tub of cheap choclate chip mint or a 1Litre tube of "extra special" double choc chip ice-cream from Aldi Which is almost as rich and thick as the Ben&Jerries and has huge chochlate chunks, (not just choc chips...CHUNKS !!!).

I barely remember the Oreo ice-cream because I was too busy haveing a mouthgasm with the Ben&Jerries. It tasted like Oreos, and was thick like the Ben&Jerries so it was good quality but I prefer to have as much chocolate as possible. I guess The Oreo flavour would be a good refreshment Ice-cream instead of a luxurious treat.

Over all The Ben&Jerries Triumphs over all however for £4.50 I would be very reluctant to buy it but would be happy have a tub for £3.50. The new "explore the core" Ben&Jerries tubs were on offer for £2.50  in Asda which seems like a marvelous deal but I have tried these before and found the sticky rich core to be too rich and almost sickly. But If you know you like it then get your trolly to the frozen aile and get some while they're still on offer!!!


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