Johnson's baby moisture rich bath

Sooooo I was on the ASDA groceries website......

Lol I'm just kidding but I did see this on the website and bought it a few days ago.

I was on the hunt for a sulphate free body washes, bubble baths etc and this seemed to fit the bill....

Cost £1.25 for 400ml which may seem like a good deal but I am the type of person who will pour the whole bottle in to get the most bubbles possible. I think I may have used too much but If you're more conservative with your products then you will find this great value for money.

The directions say use two squirts, me I use a handful of the stuff which is a creamy milky liquid that feels very gentle and almost as moisturising as the Dove hand washes. It creates plenty of enough bubbles which last as long as any other brand of bubble bath I have used

When I got out of the bath my skin was not dry and flaky like it used to be when I used sulphate based washes but It still needed some additional moisture.

I don't know if you can see the ingredients, you may have to enlarge the picture but there are no sulphates silicones or parabens for that matter.

Compared to the Johnson's 2in1 body wash and bubble bath this product is more gentle and moisturising however I think I will continue to use both and maybe keep the 2in1 for showering.


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