Johnson's conditioner spray

I think this should be my opening for all my blog posts:

"Soooo I was on the ASDA groceries website when I stumbled across this...[insert product]"

Johnson's baby spray conditioner, £1.50 guessed it...ASDA!!

Well It definitely blends in with my bedroom d├ęcor which is would be a bonus if I was going to keep repurchasing this product. This is basically a de-tangling spray which does an absolutely fantastic job at de-tangling and was very conditioning. Usually my curly hair is a nightmare to de-tangle without getting into the shower but this spray made the job easy breezy and I could feel the slipperiness of the conditioner as opposed to using just water which doesn't really de-tangle and doesn't rehydrate my hair very well. I could probably restyle my hair and freshen the curls up with this without having to wash. That means skipping a wash and avoiding the damage that over-wetting can do. 

Ingredients are CG friendly, nuff said along those lines.

My only problem is the scent. And again I am rejecting a product because of it's smell. Is it too much to ask to help a girl smell nice???

I guess so....

This spray doesn't actually smell like a swimming pool but it's somewhere along those lines and to be honest, I'm not a fan of smelling like a public pool. However My little angels leave in conditioner still overpowers this one even though I used it the day before. I'm not sure if the scent of this product lingers in my hair or not but it does leave my curls soft and redefined.

I should probably test whether the little angels leave in conditioner is as good as de-tangling. If it is then I have no need for this product and in fact the little angels spray is 5p cheaper! Every little helps lol.

Hold on.......

Just sniffing my hair......

(.......weird snuffling noises.....)

Nope it does not linger and is totally overpowered by the little angels leave in conditioner and my Loreal Elvive night serum.

Overall this is a fantastic detangler but I am quite still wary of the scent.

If the little angles leave in doesn't de-tangle as well as this product does then I will continue to buy this.

Whether it is good value for money I do not know. It took a third of the bottle to do my whole head of hair but I did totally drench it in the stuff. Maybe I should wet it first then use this spray. It was very slippery as I could feel lots of the conditioner. I imagine less would be needed for looser curl patterns.


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