Kanechom Leave in styling cream

What's this??? oh....yet another hair product that matches my bedroom décor??

something fishy is going on here especially since I have somewhat fallen in love with this product.

So far this is the only styler I have found that is CG friendly and cost 3.49 from the hair supply store.

It also contains keratin and Argan oil. The keratin is meant to protect the hair from wear and tear. There were other stylers of the same brand that were essentially the same product but with olive oil or some other fancy ingredient instead. But I went for the Argan oil one and was totally won over by the smell (which unfortunately does not linger)

It feels very smooth and creamy and does a good job at smoothing down my hair. It didn't take much of the product to cover my whole head so I hope it will last a while


I put a small amount In my hair after using my leave in conditioner and I let it air dry.
My curls were not crunchy and they were reasonably defined at the bottom however there is still a bit of frizz on top.

According to the brand website their stylers are meant to protect from the sun as well. If that's the case then extra brownie points for this styler which means I can also take it on holiday.

Overall this is a good product but it didn't define my curls as well as the boots curl cream. Maybe If I smoothed it down my hair in smaller sections I would have got better results but for a quick regime it's reasonable.


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