Less than impressed part 2

...............Yeah, it happened...............


............ -_- .............

This time its mineral oil and alcohols. By mineral oil I basically mean paraffin liquidum (found in baby oil) which is apparently just as bad as silicones. Coats the hair and locks out moisture which I suppose is great for fine hair but I don't have fine hair. Also, it's a pain to wash off without a surfactant so no good if your a co-wash/no-poo kinda gyal.

This led to me throwing away three bottles of oil and realising why some of my products feel slightly sticky. So far I'm not avoiding it completely unless its at the top of the ingredients list.

As for alcohols.....
Well there's the short chain ones and there's the long chain fatty ones. The long fatty chain alcohols seem to condition your hair whereas the short chain ones dry your hair out better than anything else, except for heat of course. The good alcohols are the ones you see at the top of the ingredients list of conditioners (cetearyl alcohol, stereayl alcohol etc).

The bad ones tend to be at the bottom or in the middle with isopropyl alcohol being the main culprit that keeps cropping up in almost EVERY conditioner or styling products I see. I have had to delete so many products off my favourites list and give my boots curl cream away because they all contain this alcohol. I always wondered why my boots curl cream wouldn't moisturise my hair and this is why. In fact any product that has failed to moisturise my hair has probably contained this type of alcohol. Feels like every time I cut out an ingredient of my hair care I have to start the search for CG friendly products all over again. I feel like it's going to get to the point where I'm deep conditioning with water because I'm afraid to use any other products.!!!!

here is a link on good and bad alcohols if you're interested:

And no.....
ooooohhh no.......I...am...not...finished.!!!!

It seems that the people in charge of providing the ingredients information of products on the ASDA website (and Tescos) CAN'T FLIPPIN' READ.

Just bought a conditioner thinking it was CG friendly after reading the ingredients online and then discovering at home that they missed out a few ingredients (inc. isopropyl alcohol) on their website and also decided to add a few in by themselves!!!!

Imagine if this was medication or painkillers!!!! they wouldn't bloody get away with it. I ought to complain to them and tell them I almost suffered from a fatal allergy attack from a particular ingredient because they couldn't be bothered to keep their information up to date!!!!!

I guess I'm just gonna have to stand in the bloody store and read the ingredients of every damn conditioner in the bloody place!!!! 

absolutely fuming!!!!!!

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