LUSH at first sight

Oh my what have we here ???? If you read my trip to London post you may know that I walked into a lush store for the first time and it was love at first sight. I didn't however buy anything so whilst I was in Birmingham for a uni lectures I made a quick visit to the lush store there and bought the following:

Left; sex bomb bath bomb    Right; Love lettuce face mask

I went into the shop solely to buy a bath bomb but I also got the face mask for free after signing a petition to stop badger hunting.

I'll start with the face mask first.

The smell.......not pleasant. 
The texture.........also not pleasant.
Washing it off..................a bleeding pain in the ass!!!
Not to mention the colour, I look scary enough with a white face mask but with this I look like a lake monster!!.

Asides from first appearances there were other things that I disliked about this mask.
I felt that it irritated my skin slightly which was really annoying. To be honest I think I would've preferred it if I wasn't given this face mask just to save the trouble. Me and my sister tried it at the same time and she liked it but was already using a proactive one......sooooo after using it for a second time and feeling like washing it off was some form of punishment this little pot of green annoyance went in the bin.

If I actually bought this I would have been very annoyed and disappointed but to be honest the smell would have put me off  buying it straight away.

The bath bomb however wasn't as much of a disappointment.

If there's any way to lose your lush virginity it's with the sex bomb bath bomb :)

I think I mentioned in a previous post my initial thoughts on this pink ball of pinkness.
Definitely a mature grown woman's scent, not for young girlies or adults who think they're still a little princess (like me XD)

I started out using just a third of the ball (after I had chopped it up with a scary looking electric saw) and although it made my bath pink it was rather translucent. The next time I just chucked the rest in and concluded that I need to use the entire ball to make my bath as pink as possible. A translucent pink bath just doesn't feel pampering enough and this bomb doesn't bubble either.

Also the little flower...... looks pretty on the ball but not so pretty when it's in the water it semi dissolves and the petals go all mushy which resulted in me throwing them in the bin.

This bath bomb did not irritate or dry my skin out and the scent lingered slightly but was very weak. Definitely a treat when in the bath but other than making the water incredibly pink this bomb really has no other benefits. Maybe if I threw in some bubble bath I would have pink bubbles too? 

hhhmmm xxx <3

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