Naked shine bundle

On my hunt for CG friendly products I found the Naked range on the boots website.

After finding the Naked products website and reading their policies on ingredients I immediately added the site to my favourites and quite a lot of their products to my wish list.

I saw this bundle in Discount UK and all together they cost less than £5 and would usually cost £9 online so I was chuffed with that. What annoyed me though was that I saw some of their deep treatments in discount UK and poundland too but resisted product junkie temptation only to find that when I finally wanted to buy them they were discontinued :(

The shampoo:
Smells very herbal but not totally unpleasant. The directions say that it leathers better if you apply it twice but I get a decent lather the first time round and lord knows I ain't shampooing twice in a row. It doesn't strip my hair as harshly as regular sulphate shampoos but does remove any trace of product. My hair was squeaky clean afterwards which I found quite worrying since I didn't want to strip it too much. I guess the shampoo Is not as gentle as I thought it would be. The way it lathers though is much more gentle and creamy, not foamy like regular shampoos so guess that's a good sign.

The conditioner:
The smell Is slightly herbal and almost masculine which took me by surprise. It was somewhere along the lines of aftershave or something macho like that. As far as I can tell this conditioner and the other two products did not do anything in the way of moisturising my hair so a fail on the hydrating part. But I am yet to us it for co-washing so I will see how it goes. I probably won't repurchase simply because of the masculine smell. If I had an older brother I would totally fob this one off to him like I do to my sisters with most of my reject products. I am yet to see if this conditioner will add any shine by itself or work well for co-washing.

The serum:
I added a small amount to damp hair after applying leave-in conditioner. I applied it in sections and smoothed it down the length of my hair. It helped calm down frizz and definitely added some luminous shine, The most shine a product has ever given my hair however.....

It smells wretched!!!!

I think this is the second worst smelling thing I have ever put in my hair right after my honey/castor oil/coconut oil concoction. Also it can't be used on flat-ironed hair because It contains water. Because of the smell I had to throw this one in the bin and wouldn't even bother trying to fob it off onto one of my sisters. Also I feel as though this serum was fighting against the boots curl creme I applied on top of this serum. My hair on the top was frizzier than usual which I was really annoyed about.

Would definitely not recommend or repurchase these products and that's mostly because of the smell. I am glad I did not pay the full retail price for these or I would have been very disappointed.

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