Organic toothpaste !!! What !!??!!

Yes I know it sounds strange and totally crazy but I thought I would try some.

Its also fluoride free which I thought would be a benefit for people who are exposed to too much fluoride. I live In an area where fluoride is deliberately put into public water to improve the condition of teeth however too much of it can be toxic.

The ingredients are all natural, no preservatives just natural antibacterials

You may think that because it's all natural it's not as effective as normal toothpaste because it doesn't look/smell the same but I can tell you It cleans my teeth better than the sensodyne toothpaste which is supposed to be mild but still leaves a bit of that furry feeling near the gums on my teeth. This toothpaste does the job however Im not sure about the whitening part as I've only been using it for almost a week and it's probbaly too early to tell. 

I must warn though that the paste is not stark white, it's kind of an off white cream beige and it smells quite herbal/pepperminty. However when I'm brushing with it I can barely taste anything but I still keep it away from my tongue just incase. Also, I don't get any of that weird taste in my mouth when I'm eating my ceral or having orange juice in the morning as with regular toothpastes, extra points won there. it foams up just like a regular toothpaste but is more creammy than bubbly/foamy

If your looking for ways to have a more natural lifestyle (in terms of personal products) then thismay be worth a try. It's really good and suprised me so much as I didn't expect it to work so well without making me wretch. I can't say anything bad about it this toothpaste at all. The peppermint lingers ever so slightly but is gone by the time I've had my coco pops :) 

The tube I bought was 29g for £2.00 however you can get a bigger 170g tube for £5

I know seems alot for a toothpaste but You only need a teeny weeny pea size amount to do the job and natural products do tend to be more pricey anyway.

link here, they do free delivery to the UK and sell sooo many other organic products if your interested:


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