Straightening my hair with a few new things

I decided that there were way too many single stranded knots (SSK) in my hair and it needed trimming. The easiest way I can trim my hair is by first straightening it as this makes it easier to find all the knots and split ends. Curly hair disguises bad ends and makes it difficult to single them out from other strands. I hunt down the bad ends and cut them off as I am flat ironing it sections as this makes it even easier to find them.

I have officially fallen in Love with hot air strylers and will never go back to using a regular hair dryer and brush. This wonderful device lets me do the job with one hand free (well I use the free hand to hold the ends and pull on the hair to create tension). 

It does such a good job at getting my hair straight and dry and even gets to the roots better than using the old fashioned method. The only problem is that it only has two speed settings and may be a little bit too hot on the hair. Also I think there could be more bristles so it separates the strands better and would therefore straighten them better. 

It's sooooo much quicker than using a regular hair hair dryer and I think everyone should own one of these unless you are one of those heat free types. I guess you could buy one with a cold setting???

This particular babyliss hot air styler was given to my mom who wasn't interested in it so she gave it to me who lent it to my sister as she was straightening her hair and I was yet to try it. My sister has now decided to keep it and not give it me back but no matter,..... I will be buying one for myself which will hopefully be much better and you'll see me review it sometime in the future.

But before I can think of putting any heat on my hair I always use a heat protectant.....

This little bottle is a teeny version of the well known Tresemme heat defence styling spray and costs £1.50 for 60ml from Superdrug. I think I used just over half of the bottle and I have thick hair so considering it is travel size it is good value for money.

This bottle is just so cute I can use it with just one hand so it's really easy to hold. I've always had problems with spray bottles as I use my hands to smooth the product down which gets them wet so the bottle always slips out of my hand.

This is also probably the nicest smelling heat protectant I have ever come across. All the others have a slightly over powering chemical scent that's really unfriendly towards my nose. Not only does it smell nice but I think it helped to moisturise my hair as well. Even after letting my leave in conditioner soak in over night my hair was slightly dry but this helped give a bit more moisture however, not very much.

(also the ingredients are CG friendly)

Now the most important thing I wanted to talk about in this post is this new oil that I bought off Amazon.

I have been reading online and on curly hair websites that grapeseed oil is great for naturally protecting hair from heat. It has smoke point (I think this means boiling point) of around 216 degrees Celsius however any heat applied above that temperature and the oil is useless so you'll essentially be deep frying your hair.

It cost me around £1.50 for 100ml but I had to pay £1.45 or something like that for delivery, but even so I still think it was worth it. It barely has a scent which is great because my problem with most oils is that they have this common scent that annoys me to no end and smells wretched. This oil still has that common scent but it is very faint and I think my leave in conditioner still over-powers it.

As for protecting my hair It felt the same as silicone based serum only more natural as if I was coating my hair in the natural oils that come out of my scalp. It isn't as runny as coconut oil but isn't as thick as castor oil either so it's just the right consistency. Although I think I applied too much as my hair looked somewhat greasy when I had finished flat ironing. However there was no burnt hair smell and no extra split ends. I am hoping some of the oil will be absorbed overnight so it doesn't look greasy the next day. This was definitely the case when I used coconut oil.

I did notice that there was a bit of residue on my flat iron which resembles the residue of most serums that I use. I think this was the oil which shows that it works just as well as a serum if not better since it is natural.

I usually use my flat iron at 190-210 degrees Celsius but because of the oil's smoke point being so close to temperatures I usually use I decided to tone down the heat to 180 degrees. I believe this only worked well because I had the help of the hot air styler which did a considerable amount of straightening for me so I had less work to do with the flat iron. Also I think the products I used helped greatly.

Here Is a step by step guide of what I did:
  1. Wash with a sulphate free shampoo (this only works if you're doing the CG method otherwise you may to use a sulphate based shampoo to remove build-up)
  2. Deep condition for hours and hours and hours until I felt like rinsing it out
  3. Towel dry with microfibre towel
  4. Apply leave in conditioner in sections and keep hair in two braids over night
  5. Apply Tresemme heat defence spray in sections (it will soak in by the time you've done the other half)
  6. Apply grape seed oil in sections by smoothing it down the hair. Start from ends and work your way up, you only need  teeny weeny drop for each section but it depends on how big your hair is or your sections.
  7. Blow-dry straight using a handy dandy hot air styler
  8. Flat iron and snip out bad ends as I'm going along.
  9. Give my hair an over all trim

Note* I always kept my hair detangled at all stages to prevent any dry knots or any curls from forming.

If you've read my recent post about uneven hair growth you will know that I had a bit of a problem with uneven hair. The left side was longer and thicker than the right side so I tried to trim the left side (whilst it was still curly) but after straightening my hair I had realised the big mistake I had made. I had some how made my left side SHORTER !! than the right side !!!! :'(

This is so heartbreaking even more so to know it's my own fault. Oh why am I such and idiot. My right side looked sooo long compared to that last time I had my hair straight. That means it's grown so much in such a short period of time but now I'm back to the same length if not shorter. At this rate it seems like my hair will never get to my desired length, but at least I know it can grow fast.

If I look on the bright side my hair is now thick  and even on both sides and I have probably evened my layers out. I'm hoping to grow them out completely so my hair is all the same length. I really do hate layers they make my hair way too big and it has enough volume as it is. Also my left side may catch up since it like to grow quicker. curse you uneven hair growth curse you!!!!! :'(

It is currently just above bra strap length (BSL) but before I used my amazing cutting skills it was below BSL. I also found it difficult to cut the bad ends closer to my scalp since my field of vision will only go so fair.

I really need a curly hair stylist... I don't even care any more. I think I cant trust anyone more than myself at this point :'(

I hope you found this post useful but if you are considering buying a hot air styler please make sure the barrel is ceramic as this heats up evenly. I have no idea if the one I used was ceramic and I have a feeling it wasn't but take the time to read reviews and do some research about them to see if you really want to buy one. If you want to straighten a few waves or calm down your curl pattern a little then this is a perfect and quick way to do it but requires heat. Also different barrel sizes work for different hair types and make sure the one you buy has a cool shot or cool setting so you can control the heat.


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