Tangle Teezers

The first time I became aware of the tangle teezer was by watching someone's haul on youtube.
The girl using it bought the exact same purple glittery one I've shown below and I totally fell in love just because of how pretty it looked. 

The tangle teezer is basically a brush and comb in one and doesn't damage the hair as much as a normal comb. It's supposed to brush out hair that has been shed naturally and reduce frizz.

After getting over my lust for this pretty little purple thing I realised that the girl on youtube was Caucasian with reasonably straight hair so I assumed that there was no way this comb would work on my little ringlets, even in the shower. I did think that it would be good to have for flat ironed hair but I wasn't about to spend about £10 on a comb I would only use a few times a year. To be honest I just wasn't convinced.

Boy I was wrong

A while after seeing that video I came across a curly girl on youtube using the tangle teezer in her curly hair routine video and...... I .....went.......NUTS !!!!! This girl had even curlier and thicker hair than mine and if it worked for her it would definitely work for me.

I also tried searching for a review on the tangle teezer and came across a blog of a mother who used it to detangle her daughter's kinky curly hair after washing. She did a comparison by detangling half her daughters hair with a wide tooth comb and half with the tangle teezer. The little girl's curls were more defined after using the tangle teezer than using a wide tooth comb and the product was distributed more evenly. Link here if you don't believe me:

Sooo I put the tangle teezer at the top of my shopping list and put it out of my mind.....

Until I was browsing on asos and saw the shower version of the tangle teezer. Asos has free delivery and 10% student discount so naturally I ordered it at 4am in the morning. The purple one I ordered from a different website.

I love the packaging seems very professional but the opaque corner annoyed me to no end as I couldn't see all of the brush.

Here's what the teeth look like. This brush is basically a pretty piece of plastic BUT....the teeth are flexible and detangle on a much smaller more precise scale. I think it's just a matter of the design and shape that sets it apart from other combs and brushes. 

Wherever you apply this brush the teeth at the bottom rows will detangle before the tangles being combed at the top have a chance to knot with the tangles at the bottom. To put it simply, having multiple rows of teeth make it much easier, smoother and quicker to use that a typical comb with one row of teeth. Also the teeth are of different lengths so the long teeth penetrate the hair for deeper tangles and the shorter teeth smooth the top layer too. This great for those with thick hair like myself.

In the packaging, which you may be able to see at the back of the boxes, are these cards with the GB flag on the front. This is because the Tangle teezer is a British product designed by a British hairstylist. This just makes me so proud of the fact that we've produced such a fantastic product and makes me happy to use something that hasn't been flown over from the far corners of the world and wasting air miles.

The card has some information on the tangle teezer and explains everything I just said and even says it's for all hair types. Even the description on amazon said that the tangle teezer could be used on straight to afro hair and even weaves or wigs!!!

I also got the water version which can be used in the shower or basically on wet hair. The only difference between this and the original is that this one is easier to hold with wet hands and so far I've only dropped it once after using it a few times. Also it stands up by it'self which is very cool if you want to set it down to do something else in the shower. 

You can get this in black or pink but I for some reason thought the pink would be tacky but I'm now regretting it as I really want my hair accessories to be as girly as possible. It does however match my blue shower comb. My travel accessories are mostly pink and purple so maybe I will by the pink one just to keep in my travel bag....

....any excuse to buy more things :D

So........the verdict

These tangle teezers are amazing and I think every girl should own one. They detangle my easier than any other comb or even finger detangling. They also distribute any product or conditioner evenly throughout the hair and smooth down frizz. The tangle teezers even define and de-frizz my curls in a way that would have took a considerable amount of curl cream to do. This makes them even more value for money and I feel as though I don't even need a styler to get my curls to work for me.

To put it simply these combs are like magic and I still managed to buy both for under £10 each. If I somehow knew how good these were before trying one I would totally be prepared to spend twice the amount of money for one of these. That's how good they are. I seriously don't understand how they work and I'm a science student, I swear there's some witchcraft infused into these brushes. It took me a while to create a hypothesis on how those teeny weeny teeth detangle my hair better than any wide tooth comb

If you don't own one, go get one!!!! you can get the original in so many different colours, blue, pink, orange, green. There are also ones with a cover so you can protect those little teeth. These brushes are literally worth every penny and more and save so much time in my hair routine!!


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