Too many of a few new things

I'm not even going to show you what I've hauled over the past few days and it's too complicated to get into detail.

Yet again I have managed to somehow buy another hair oil moisturiser that is not CG friendly so it's sitting in the reject box. I really should read the ingredients more thoroughly.

At the moment my purple box of hair goodies has now been refilled with stuff I want to try out and I still haven't bought everything on my product junkie list.

But for now here are a few new things that I have bought in the past two days:

The first one is totally unrelated to beauty, in fact too much of it might have a negative effect on your outer beauty but it's what's on the inside that counts right ??

And right now the inside is looking very good indeed  :) very good in a chocolatey crunchy way :P

I was a little skeptical at first but it was like a romantic rediscovery in my mouth when I realised it tasted EXACTLY like regular malteasers.

Look at all that crunchiness, I will definitely be buying some again and if you haven't tried it and you love malteasers your tongue is missing out on the time of it's life. I always find that there is too much of the biscuit in regular malteasers but this has more chocolate with little bits of biscuit. Just perfect

Now onto some actual products.....

Below are a few things I was able to try immediately after buying. I have bought other stuff but I will be reviewing those in the future.

I Love.... Mango and papaya hand lotion.

I first discovered the I love... brand when I was given the raspberry and blackberry body butter off an aunty.  I then stumbled across the matching hand lotion. shower gel and lip balm. And thus began my fetish for having all the matching products in a particular range. It took a few months for me to decide that I didn't actually like the smell of raspberry and blackberry. I then tried the coconut shower cream thinking the coconut oil would do something dramatic to my skin but it didn't. 

I kept lusting after the mango an papaya after sniffing it in the store (yes I do that, I know it's weird) and after going through the strawberries and cream scent (which is my favourite) as well as the lemons and limes (which I didn't like) I finally bought some. And to be honest. it smells nice but isn't very strong. The strawberries and cream is far superior on scent and just caresses my senses.  Unfortunately the hand creams a and lip balms/glosses are the only products in this range that don't contain ingredients on my blacklist however they do contain mineral oil which is a bit of a bummer but I don't really mind it on my body

Contains coconut oil and shea butter extract which is probably why these are the best hand creams I've ever tried and also why I keep coming back to them. For £2 in Superdrug they are a good bargain and last for ages.

Now these are much more like lip balms than lip butters but these feel very natural on my lips. The smell soooo good and even taste nice!!! They look very natural on my lips and don't feel too greasy They rival with my blistex lip brilliance lip balm which also smells and tastes amazing. The only difference is that my blistex lip balm tastes slightly better (although you shouldn't really be eating your lip balms) and also has SPF15 and a bit of shimmer so I think it still holds 1st place. If I wanted to moisturise my lips without the shimmer I would totally go for these. This little box is usually £5 in asda but I saw it for £3 and since it had been on my wish list for a while I just had to have it. Even for £5 these are still amazing.

I now have a lip balm in each bag and one in my room for when I'm at home :)

This is the back of the mango lip butter but the ingredients are pretty much the same for each flavour. Ingredients are mostly natural and look very nourishing. Also paraben free!!! :)

I was on the hunt for baby wipes with friendly ingredients and found this on the ASDA grocerie website. The description said it had a fruity fragrence and when I saw it for 77p There was no going back.


I don't think I ever want to use any other type of baby wipes because these are the bomb!!!  

They smell great, remove my make-up and are the only wipes I have ever come across that don't leave my face feeling tight and dry. Also the fact that it has a lid is a bonus since the wipes are less likely to dry out.

Ingredients are safe and it also contains aloe vera :) for 77p these wipes are like a gift that slipped out of the angels hands and fell from heaven to the bottom shelf of the baby section in ASDA.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and found it somewhat interesting :)

If you are going to buy some of those malteaser bars be sure to share some and spread some of that chocolatey chrunchy goodness <3


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