Uneven hair growth sucks

So I'm one of those unlucky people who suffers from uneven hair growth. I don't know what causes it, whether its genetic or it's because of an environmental factor such as sleeping on one side for a life time. But I have a strong feeling it's because of the way I trimmed my hair the last time I straightened it...... 

....One side (the right side) seemed to have more damaged ends than the other side so I ended up cutting off more hair from that side than the other which seems to be in impeccable condition. This resulted in me having lopsided hair at the back which I must have not noticed or ignored simply to keep the length.

 Now that it's curly again the lopsided length looked so untidy that it bugged me. I decided to carefully cut off precious curls in order to even it up. It still isn't perfectly even but it isn't noticeable either.

Don't let that picture fool you into thinking I din't cut that much hair off because when I stretched out those curls and measured them I realised that I had cut off FOUR INCHES :'( 

Why oh why does this always happen? What annoys me the most is that the one side was soooo thick and healthy but the other side is not so thick at the ends. What makes it worse is that after inspecting those 4 beautiful inches of hair I could see little to no split ends, single stranded knots or damage of any sort. It always stirs my emotions when I have to cut off good hair but I would rather that the back be even than hold onto lopsided length.

More to my dismay I have noticed that my layers are a little choppy. The right side which is shorter at the ends seems to have very long layers and most of the hair is all the same length. However on the left side the layers are a slightly shorter and there seemed to be a step between the layers and the ends until I did the emotionally painful 4-inch trim :'( 

Now that I've cut off some of hair my left side has a nice voluminous shape and the layers are already blended in well. Also the right side seems to be tapered down a lot more into a bowl cut and because of the lack of layers it has less volume. 

I've always wondered why I struggle to get volume on that side and now I now why. 

In all honesty I prefer the left side and it's times like these that I wish I had a curly hair stylist. The problem though is that I have a trust issue when it comes to letting other people touch my hair. The first and last time I let a hairdresser cut my hair she feathered it and I didn't even ask her to. I've always had my mom cut my hair which she rarely did unless I begged her. But after watching her hack off much of my sister's length into a block cut and not even bother to do layers to get rid of the splits I don't think I can trust her any more either.

What I don't understand Is that I cut my own hair into a shoulder length block in early spring last year so it should all be roughly the same length. It's definitely grown since then but one side has grown faster than the other, I think I would prefer it to grow more slowly and evenly rather that quick on just one side. Its such a waste of growth if I have to cut most of it off.

:'( xxxx

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