Won't be buying these again.....

Before I start hating on a few products I want to mention that has 

I have recently come across another cosmetic ingredient to put on my blacklist:


This one has caused me a great deal of hassle as most of the products that I thought were safe contain this ingredient. Phenoxyethanol is a preservative that is being used as a substitute for parabens however this one has also been shown to be carcinogenic in a few studies. I can't say for definite whether this is true but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Besides most of the products that I am now using are the best I've come across thanks to cutting out all the synthetic crap. It's pretty much got to the point were most of my products are natural/organic.

Little angels eco baby oil is essentially sesame seed oil with two other ingredients. I thought this would be a good substitution for baby oil which is essentially mineral oil that is known to cause build up. This eco baby oil did absorb into my skin a little better but still sat on top and seemed greasy. I tried it on my hair whilst it was straight and it didn't do anything. I then tried to remove my make up with it as I usually do with baby oil however it stung my eyes so much I had to wash it off straight away. Over all this oil could not serve any purpose for me, not even for detangling. 

So down the sink it went......

Palmer's coconut oil formula conditioner £2.99 from the hair store but there is an olive oil version in Superdrug. I initially like this one, the ingredients were CG friendly and I loved the coconut smell. However that was it as far as the good points go.  The first disappointment was that it contained phenoxyethanol so there was no way I was going to repurchase this one anyway. It did not sow any benefit towards my hair in fact I think my hair was drier and less manageable after using this. And to top it off My family all hated the smell  even though I liked it. If it's three people against one, odds are that no one else in the world is going to like it. I would rather not risk smelling like a "pet shop", as my sister would describe it, to any potential mates out there or to anyone else for that matter.

Here's the ingredients If you fancy a read. Phenoxyethanol is in the bottom right.

This one was such a disappointment because it cost me over £3 and for a leave in spray that's a lot for me as I go through them like there's no tomorrow. I had such high hopes for this as it was one of a few products that did not contain phenoxyethanol. Not only was it sticky on my hair but it smelt absolutely horrid and way too over-powering. I just couldn't take it any more so it's now sitting in my reject box waiting for the day that I run out and cannot afford to buy more leave in conditioner or something to detangle with.

Naked untangle me spray. I really hoped this would be a good one as it was completely CG friendly and free from other toxicchemicals. However its detangling power is not as good as the Johnson's conditioner spray or the little angels leave in. This spray left my hair sticky, crunchy and absolutely wreaked of oranges. And not just a faint orangey citrus smell. It was like someone had grated orange zest or peals onto my head and it was just too strong of a smell. For £2.99 this is not worth it unless I desperately want to smell like an orange and attract all the biting insects in town.

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