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Herbal Essences Fresh Balance Conditioner

I've been trying to expand my range of conditioners since I have recently only been restricted to two brands. One being a little pricey (Aussie miracle moist) and the other being cheap but not long lasting (Argan oil conditioner).
I've tried to stay away from herbal essences but it got to the point where I was scrutinising the ingredients lists of every conditioner on the Asda groceries website for something that was CG freindly and didn't have any preservatives that I avoid....
This was one of them....

Herbal essences fresh balance clarifying conditioner:  Pretty sure I paid £2.25 in Asda so it's no surprise I'm miffed off to see it for £1.00 on the website :(
I should have known it wouldn't be great because my hair is not normal/oily as this conditioner is specified for. It's meant to be a cleansing conditioner so I assumed It was good for co-washing but to be honest it wasn't that great. I skipped a co-wash whilst staying at a relatives house which …

Miscellaneous skin care products

I have quite a few random skin care products that I now use regularly, but aren't from one particular brand so I thought might as well blog about them all at once.

On the left is a facial wash that I use morning and night and on the right is the witch anti-blemish gel. The anti blemish gel is basically alcohol denat with a few other things including witch hazel. Alcohol denat basically dries your skin and helps to kill the spot along with the help of witch hazel which is also a natural antiseptic.
This gel claims to help reduce excess oil and clean pores whilst fighting blemishes. I always get good results with clearasil spot treatments but the last one I used had parabens so this was my alternative. It works just as well as the clearasil stuff and for half the price (£2-3 in Asda). 
Also my little sister has been battling with acne for several years but has had red blotchy allergic reactions to clearasil products. Other brands she's used have been useless and pro-active is t…

Organic Skin care products

If someone had told me years ago that I would be using organic skincare products in the future I would have laughed in their face and said I don't believe in all of that mumbo jumbo, all products work similar wether they're expensive, high end, drugstore, or dirt cheap. 
But that was before I started doing some researcha and digging the dirt on the ingredients and risky preservatives in our every day personal care products.
If you want to check the ingredients you can scutinise them on this website which holds all the info for these organic products:
You may or may not have noticed that the brand name is french and in case you're wondering, it is a french brand. I had to order these from france and it was all in euros but most of the products were under £3 when I calculated. The Argan oil collection is slightly more pricey since argan oil is damn well expensive and hard to come by. However they are still less expensive than most of t…

Naked Eye gel and Hand cream

Naked Soothing eye gel: bought on offer for £2.99 but it's usually £7.99

The first time I used this I used a tiny blob under each eye and smoothed it around  (very close to the corners of my eye). 
It stung like hell !!!!!
I had no idea why because the ingredients didn't look harmful at all or maybye that was the inteded effect of waking my eyes up, Either way it was not soothing at all or moisturising. 

The gel spreads easily and very little is needed as I learned the hard way. One tiny blob was enough for both eyes and the next time i used this gel I was very cautious around the corners of my eyes. It still stings a little but I swear it's made my eyes less droopy and more perky (if you know what I mean). It's supposed to help with dark circles but I don't think I have used it long enough to see any effects.
I probably won't buy this again simply because I don't likethe idea of hellish pain to wake up my eyes in the morning.

Next Is a hand cream which is…

Naked coco de mer collection

This is what pampered skin looks like in a bottle. On the left is the Naked coco de mer bath foam, in the middle is the body butter, and on the right is the body wash.
All three share this divine scent that is quite difficult to describe but it's definitely very feminine.

To get a decent amount of bubbles I used four caps (i.e filled up the screw cap) of the bath foam. It doesn't make the bath milky at all but the bubbles last a considerably long amount of time. They are still there by the time I'm ready to get out

Neither the body wash or the bath foam dried my skin out but I still felt the need to moisturise to prevent it from drying out the next day.

This is were the body butter comes in. It is incredibly thick and buterry. In fact it's the only body butter I have come across that's thicker than actual butter. It's not as sticky as other moisturisers but it takes a little bit more effort to spread evenly. I'm finding this the case with most natural/orga…