Herbal Essences Fresh Balance Conditioner

I've been trying to expand my range of conditioners since I have recently only been restricted to two brands. One being a little pricey (Aussie miracle moist) and the other being cheap but not long lasting (Argan oil conditioner).

I've tried to stay away from herbal essences but it got to the point where I was scrutinising the ingredients lists of every conditioner on the Asda groceries website for something that was CG freindly and didn't have any preservatives that I avoid....

This was one of them....

Herbal essences fresh balance clarifying conditioner: 
Pretty sure I paid £2.25 in Asda so it's no surprise I'm miffed off to see it for £1.00 on the website :(

I should have known it wouldn't be great because my hair is not normal/oily as this conditioner is specified for. It's meant to be a cleansing conditioner so I assumed It was good for co-washing but to be honest it wasn't that great. I skipped a co-wash whilst staying at a relatives house which resulted in some dry flakiness in the front. This conditioner didn't do very well to help with that an didn't moisturise very well either.

It felt cheap and slippery, almost like the hello hydration conditioner, so I'm not surprised that my hair hasn't felt as smooth and manageable recently. Even deep conditioning with this conditioner for well over 2 hours every time I used it didn't seem to make a difference. On one occasion I even left it in for most of the day as I was busy doing chores and that still didn't show much of an improvement. The difference between my hair rinsed with water before and after conditioning with this was marginal and seemed like a waste of money.

I've got plenty of other conditioners to try, possibly too many stashed in my "hair" box but I can already tell by their consistency that they well do much better, so I have no troubles crossing this conditioner off my repurchase list.


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