Miscellaneous skin care products

I have quite a few random skin care products that I now use regularly, but aren't from one particular brand so I thought might as well blog about them all at once.

On the left is a facial wash that I use morning and night and on the right is the witch anti-blemish gel. The anti blemish gel is basically alcohol denat with a few other things including witch hazel. Alcohol denat basically dries your skin and helps to kill the spot along with the help of witch hazel which is also a natural antiseptic.

This gel claims to help reduce excess oil and clean pores whilst fighting blemishes. I always get good results with clearasil spot treatments but the last one I used had parabens so this was my alternative. It works just as well as the clearasil stuff and for half the price (£2-3 in Asda). 

Also my little sister has been battling with acne for several years but has had red blotchy allergic reactions to clearasil products. Other brands she's used have been useless and pro-active is the only thing that works. Pro-active seems to calm everything down for her but I personally think that it's too harsh. I've looked at the ingredients and they're not very pretty or gentle looking. I honestly believe you should nurture your way to good healthy skin and not cleanse the hell out of it. But when she ran out of pro-active one day I let her use this witch blemish gel and she loved it so much I gave her the whole tube. On both of us it calms down big spots in one day. 

The gel is meant to be used at night just before you go to bed so it can cleanse your pores overnight. I take one little blob and dab it all over the places I get oily/spotty and It reduces spot size and redness. I use this after I have applied my organic moisturiser with argan oil which is quite greasy because of all the nourishing oils and since I already have oily skin I haven't had any problems with this gel drying my skin out. It may seem pointless using an oily moisturiser and this gel but I guess it's the antiseptic properties I'm after to help kill the spots. When I go to bed I look like a shiny grease monster but by the time I wake up pretty much everything has been absorbed. I wish the same thing would happen throughout the day.

Ingredients are fine as far as I can tell but this is possibly the most gentle kind of soap I have ever used even compared to my sulphate free body washes and shampoos. It doesn't really bubble or foam it seems to go creamy when I rub it in my palms and on my face which is great. Also, it doesn't sting my eyes or strip my skin bare dry.

Thanks to a smidgen of extra directed reading after from a biotechnology lecture at uni I discovered that Betaine is very good, very good indeed in fact I'm pretty sure its produced naturally in some sort of plant and is beneficial to hair, skin, nails and gums. I wont go into detail (simply because I've forgotten much of the info about it) but it's like the ultimate beauty ingredient kind of like keratin in hair masks and what not, here's a link with info:

It conditions, strengthens, softens, adds shine and de-tangles

This facial wash contains Cocamidopropyl Betaine. The cocamidopropyl is the cleansing part of this compound and the Betaine is obviously the goodness bit. Every time I see Betaine in an ingredients list I mentally jump for joy because I know I'm getting some good stuff.

Olay, Olaaaaaaay, Olay, Olay, Olaaay. Am I the only person who wants to sing that every time I see an Olay advert on the TV?? no?? just me then....

These are usually pricey as wipes go but sometimes they are on offer at 3 for £6 at Asda which works out to be £2 each. Still pricey but they are good quality. the wipes themselves are soft and have a big bumpy texture which is great for getting into those corners and curves of the face. The wipes themselves are very, very, very wet. I sometimes come across cleansing wipes that are quite dry but these ones feel as though they have been drenched in whatever cleansing fluid is used to make these wipes. This is great for removing heavy eye-make up but maybe not for a light-weight barely any make-up wearer like myself.

Watch out for the ingredients. The ones in Asda are fine but he same wipes in discount UK have a blacklist preservative in the ingredients list. Phenoxyethanol or a paraben, one or the other.

I had to scrutinise the ingredients list of every damn brand and type of facial wipes in discount UK before I came across these. I love the fact that they have tea tree extract which helps to fight against blemishes and that they are free of sulphates or parabens etc. You can get a pack of 2 for £1 which is a total bargain but I always end up giving packet to one of my sisters since they go through wipes like no tomorrow. It does sting my eyes a little but its bearable and the peppermint scent is quite noticeable but not unpleasant. These are great as a cheap alternative to the Olay wipes and aren't as heavily saturated with cleansing fluid.

I was rummaging around my mom's make up and beauty stuff, just to have a nosy at what she had stashed away in her drawers, and I found this. To my surprise the ingredients seemed fine with nothing on my blacklist so I bought some from super-drug while it was on offer as it is usually quite pricey for me. I've only been wearing powder and concealer lately but it removes those perfectly fine if not better than any wipes I have used and definitely removes mascara better. However I find it easier to remove eye-liner with  wipes as I can swipe it off more precisely and press against my eyelid which is difficult to do with a soft/thick cotton pad.

I don't like the idea of taking wipes with me when I'm travelling just for a weekend because once they're opened they begin to dry out and I'd rather not leave them there in my travel bath for months until the next time I need them. This make up remover and the facial cloths shown below seem like good alternatives that I can just leave in my bag until the next time I go visit family for a weekend.


I've been having issues with regular 100% cotton pads. Since they are made from natural cotton there are sometimes seeds and bits that scratch my face which is oh so painful, and oh so irritating. They also seem to fall apart when I apply too much product and rub my skin too hard with them. So when I saw these I thought that I definitely need to give them a go and see if they could be a good alternative. These cloths are definitely much softer and have no harsh seedy bits to scratch me with. The packaging Is also very pretty and I am a lover of masquerade so it makes me happy to see a box of these displayed on my vanity table.

Not sure if these are good for travelling because the box is so darn well big but as you can see these cloths are multi-purpose so I guess that almost makes up for it. I also use a damp cloth to take off my face mask since it is too much hassle to wash it off over the sink and splash my face hundreds of time to get it off my face. I don't use these much at home because they are so darn well big but for cleansing the whole face they are great, I just drizzle (and yes I mean drizzle like lemon juice) some make up remover all over them and they are almost as good as the Olay cleansing wipes.

These are £1.99 in Superdrug which still seems good value for money to me but just when I thought I had been abused enough I got another mental slap in the face when I saw that these are around £1.30 in Discount UK.

zsheeesh what am I ever gonna do ??


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