Naked coco de mer collection

This is what pampered skin looks like in a bottle. On the left is the Naked coco de mer bath foam, in the middle is the body butter, and on the right is the body wash.

All three share this divine scent that is quite difficult to describe but it's definitely very feminine.

To get a decent amount of bubbles I used four caps (i.e filled up the screw cap) of the bath foam. It doesn't make the bath milky at all but the bubbles last a considerably long amount of time. They are still there by the time I'm ready to get out

Neither the body wash or the bath foam dried my skin out but I still felt the need to moisturise to prevent it from drying out the next day.

This is were the body butter comes in. It is incredibly thick and buterry. In fact it's the only body butter I have come across that's thicker than actual butter. It's not as sticky as other moisturisers but it takes a little bit more effort to spread evenly. I'm finding this the case with most natural/organic moisturisers.

The first thing I noticed was that my skin was shinier but with continued use my skin was so soft and smooth.

Out of all the products I have used my skin has never felt or looked as good until now and you'll see why this saddens me if you keep reading.....

I love the packaging, it's very eyecatching and the little symbols make it less of a bore to read everything on the back, especially the bunny, just too cute....

Whilst we are paying attention to whats on the back I would like to point out the ingredients. The bath foam and body wash are perfectly fine with no ingredients currently being held on my blacklist. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for th body butter which contains phenoxyethanol. I have talked about this ingredient in a previous post somewhere and it's such a shame as the butter made my skin look and feel lovely.

The whole bundle was £9.99 If you order from the website:

But you can buy these products in boots as well howevere they are slightly more expensive, usually £1 more individually than on the website which is incredibley annoying but no matter, Naked do free delivery on UK orders over £20 :D !!!

I will definitely buy the bath foam and body wash again but they are each £3.99when bought individually, which is a bit pricey considiering the bath foam didn't last me very long. The body wash however seems to be good value for money as I still haven't got half way through even after six baths.

I'm still waiting to try plenty more products from this range and will hopefully be able to review them soon.


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