Naked Eye gel and Hand cream

Naked Soothing eye gel: bought on offer for £2.99 but it's usually £7.99

The first time I used this I used a tiny blob under each eye and smoothed it around 
(very close to the corners of my eye). 

It stung like hell !!!!!

I had no idea why because the ingredients didn't look harmful at all or maybye that was the inteded effect of waking my eyes up, Either way it was not soothing at all or moisturising. 

The gel spreads easily and very little is needed as I learned the hard way. One tiny blob was enough for both eyes and the next time i used this gel I was very cautious around the corners of my eyes. It still stings a little but I swear it's made my eyes less droopy and more perky (if you know what I mean). It's supposed to help with dark circles but I don't think I have used it long enough to see any effects.

I probably won't buy this again simply because I don't likethe idea of hellish pain to wake up my eyes in the morning.

Next Is a hand cream which is targeted at mothers with babies as it is safe to use when pregnant or breast feeding

This is definitely the best hand cream I have ever used. It's the most moisturising cream that doesn't coat my hands with a film as I have found with creams containing silicones or mineral oil. It really absorbs into my skin and doesn't feel too greasy.

It doesn't smell anywear near as good as the I Love...strawberries and milkshake hand cream (which btw smells delicious) but the scent is quite natural and bearable. Its difficult to describe exactly what it smells like but It quickly fades anyway and I know some pregnant mums have very sensitive sense of smell.

I am not pregnant or have any sproglets of my own but this is the only hand cream in the Naked product range and I could not find any other hand creams free of bad ingredients.

I love it when I like a product with good ingredients because I know I can use it again but my dislike of the eye gel makes it annoying since there is nothing wrong with the ingredients and it feels like a waste of money. 
(good thing it was on offer then!!!)

Its even more heartbreaking when I like products with "black-list ingredients"

<3         ------>        <......heartbreak......3


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