Organic Skin care products

If someone had told me years ago that I would be using organic skincare products in the future I would have laughed in their face and said I don't believe in all of that mumbo jumbo, all products work similar wether they're expensive, high end, drugstore, or dirt cheap. 

But that was before I started doing some researcha and digging the dirt on the ingredients and risky preservatives in our every day personal care products.

If you want to check the ingredients you can scutinise them on this website which holds all the info for these organic products:

You may or may not have noticed that the brand name is french and in case you're wondering, it is a french brand. I had to order these from france and it was all in euros but most of the products were under £3 when I calculated. The Argan oil collection is slightly more pricey since argan oil is damn well expensive and hard to come by. However they are still less expensive than most of the drugstore products here in the UK.
so...on with a mumbo jumbo review.....

Left: Day cream, Right: Night cream. Don't worry, the english names are in smaller writing underneath the french writing but I love trying to figure out what they mean. May help anyone studying french and even the description at the back is in french/english too.

First I must say the packaging is oh so pretty. All the products from this brand look pretty but the argan collection is gold and shiny with these pretty little golden trees that resemble the cutesy patterned shape design on the other products. I've learned through experience anything gold and shiny is enough to catch the attention of my magpie eyes.

Both of these creams are oilier than the belly of a slug. Which is great because they spread easily and very little is needed for my face, but since I already have oily skin these two make me look like a greaseball. I don't mind using the night cream because it seems to sink in overnight but the day cream just seems to get worse the longer I leave it on. I don't know wether the normal creams will be the same but I will probably never buy the argan oil day cream again.

Did I mention they smell like battenburg cake??? no ??? well they do to me and I love the fact that I smell delicious, even if only to myself. One of my sisters agrees with me but the other does not. I guess I definitely have a weird sense of smell.

Left: make up remover milk, Right: face mask

The make up remover was just too sticky. It did the job and didn't sting at all but somethimes it would leave a white or gresy residue on my face that felt slightly uncomfortable and it didn't smell as pleasing as the other products.

The face mask, despite being green and making me look like a lake monster, smells pleasant and doesn't dry my skin out too much. As far as I can tell it's helping to clean out my pores but the stubborn black heads around my nose don't seem to be budging anytime soon.

A multipurpose cream that can be used anywhere on the body, face, hands, heads, shoulders, knees and toes, knees-and-toes! Would love to carry on singing praises for this as it is a saiviour when it comes to travelling. It saves space in my travel bag or suite-case as oppsed to struggling to pack several different body/face/I-don't-know-what creams just for a weekend. To me it smells like do-nuts which is bizarre but i'm certainly not complaining about that. My only complaint however is that it is a bit thick and difficult to spread. I have a hard time applying it to my face and feel like I'm doing more damage than good trying to rub this cream into my skin. I would definitely keep this for moisturising anywhere else but a seperate cream would have to be packed for my face when travelling.

I also purchased a body scrub from Marilou Bio which I don't have a picture of. It keeps my skin smooth as if I was using a stone pumice but I don't think it does as good of a job. However it is convinient to have in the shower rather than fiddling with a rock to make my skin smooth. It doesn't smell like cakes or do-nuts but has that typical natrual scent I seem to find with organic/natural products. It doesn't make my mouth drool but it's bearable, even for a fusspot like myself. 

My only worry is that it has alcohol at the end of the ingridients list. Since it is at the end I am not sure wether this will be enough to make my skin dry at all but this body scrub does the job, has no risky preservatives, and isn't too harsh so I will keep using it until I find an alternative.

That's it from me until my next post on a few more skin care products.


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