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Not So Fun In The Sun

In my previous post I mentioned how my skin tone changes so I thought it would be appropriate to talk about how I now protect myself from the sun and how dangerous I think it is.
I have always been slightly anaemic which basically means I never have have enough blood running through my veins especially at particular times of the month so it is mostly a result of menstruation and possibly not leading a healthy lifestyle. This sometimes makes me tired, depressed, and unmotivated. It also makes more more susceptible to changes in the environments temperature. I don't cope very well when I walk from a hot room into a room that has the air con being blasted away. I'm okay with still air and I could happily walk into a fridge. It's cold winds that I don't like and hot humid weather.
The fastest I've noticed a tan developing was after just two hours of walking around in the sun. I now have an awkward line where my feet are golden brown but my toes are pale yellow thanks …

Recent purchases & Belgian blokes

Oh yes,
This is gonna be a long one but I'll try to keep each bit short and sweet but no doubt I will find a way to ramble on and on and on and.............

The sleek crème to powder foundation tester kit. Bought on-line from Amazon for I don't know how much but it was less than £4/5. Depends on who and where you buy it from but you can buy directly from the sleek website.
 I have been struggling for well over a year trying to find the right shade for my skin tone. I am mixed raced and have this lovely unique pale yellow skin tone that is damn awkward to find the right foundation for. I also have oily skin and after suffering from acne for a year I am left with tiny scars all over my forehead. Finding the right colour/coverage has been an emotional and financial nightmare after throwing and giving away so many bottles/tubes. However this tester kit has solved all my problems. 
These foundations are definitely creamy and I don't know if it's the heatwave here in Englan…

Inecto pure coconut glossing spray

I was just browsing in Superdrug when I came across this amongst a whole load of other products based on coconut oil and the like. I recognised the brand name Inecto from searching for products on Amazon but they, or the delivery costs were too pricey and I couldn't find out the ingredients. Turns out I wasn't missing out on much as most of them had a risky preservative or silicone somewhere.
However I saw this and thought oooohhhh coconut oil in a spray bottle how convenient. I don't know what it is with me and natural oils but they all have this rancid smell that I can't stand. But this was on the pleasant side of coconut fragrance. It smelled like the batiste tropical dry shampoo which is divine and since this actually has coconut oil in the ingredients I can feel the benefits.
It doesn't take long to absorb into the hair

I don't know if all the ingredients are friendly because I'm to scared to find out :S I know it's silly but as long as there'…