Inecto pure coconut glossing spray

I was just browsing in Superdrug when I came across this amongst a whole load of other products based on coconut oil and the like. I recognised the brand name Inecto from searching for products on Amazon but they, or the delivery costs were too pricey and I couldn't find out the ingredients. Turns out I wasn't missing out on much as most of them had a risky preservative or silicone somewhere.

However I saw this and thought oooohhhh coconut oil in a spray bottle how convenient. I don't know what it is with me and natural oils but they all have this rancid smell that I can't stand. But this was on the pleasant side of coconut fragrance. It smelled like the batiste tropical dry shampoo which is divine and since this actually has coconut oil in the ingredients I can feel the benefits.

It doesn't take long to absorb into the hair

I don't know if all the ingredients are friendly because I'm to scared to find out :S I know it's silly but as long as there's no silicones, sulphates or parabens or whatnot it's good enough.

Like any oil it adds shine, protects, conditions and helps to de-tangle my hair. However the effects are short-lived as my ends are dry and naked again by the next they. At least I don't have to worry about build up but it would be nice if the effects were a bit more long lasting which is something usually only achievable with silicones.

I am yet to try this spray on my own flat-ironed hair but so far it adds shine to my curls in a way that looks natural. On my sister's flat-ironed it helped to smooth down her frizzy and terribly split ends. It looks greasy at first but absorbed in no time. The Naked shine conditioner makes my hair look like a magpie magnet but this spray is good enough for me. I like it more-so for the benefits of the coconut oil, so the added shine is just a bonus.

the bottle hasn't lasted me very long. I've tried to use a little as possible but when you have thick hair that needs de-tangling I can just see the volume going down down down to the bottom of the bottle :(. It was around £3.00 in Superdrug which a bit pricey for such a small bottle (100ml) but as I have no other option and there is coconut oil involved I am happy to buy this again as it gives good results. Will be straightening my hair soon with some new tools and products so will probably have a post on that and might mention how this spray works on my flat ironed hair.


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